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Development of the Soul

Updated on January 24, 2010

What is a Healthy Psychology?

Our psychology is a direct indication of the state of our soul. When we haven't started looking into our psychology, our Soul/soul is not receiving the attention that is needed. Ultimately, the development of our soul, the evolution of our soul, is what helps us feel connected/whole within our self, with each other and with the Universal Source of Energy (the Creation and God), and our place, the important part we play, within that Whole System.

Soul (with a capital S) is the pure Spirit One with God. soul (with a lower case s) is a manifestation of the human consciousness that feels separated from the Spirit of Soul of God/Source.

Soul/soul is the feminine aspect of an individual, and God/Christ Mind and our mind is the male aspect of individuality; the yin and yang of Tao, the Omega and Alpha. From the Alpha of Source/God the Father comes the Omega of Source/God the Mother in the planes of Matter (rather, is intended to be so). This new millenium is intended to become that full manifestation of Omega; once we all get our souls healed (in Matter) from her sense of separation from Source/Soul.

A Wholistic Lifestyle Planning (WLP-please see my other hubs on this) is about attaining, along with the other aspects of self (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical awareness, as well as attunement with environmental aspects and other living creatures), the union of our soul with our sense of God and the Creation (some may call it the Universe, Infinite Intelligence or Source, Allah, Elohim, Atman, Brahma, EinSof, etc).

As we develop our Wholistic Lifestyle Plan, the psychology piece is important, and can be simple. We don't need to look for any big changes, though they do happen. Just thinking about adding it as exploration of one of the aspects to attain/maintain a balance of your whole being, is all that is necessary to begin.

As an individual, you would look to your own needs. As a parent or adult that is concerned for or works with children, you would look to the needs of the children in addition to your own. They are inter-connected; children learn by example, interaction and self awareness. A soul (is your feelings and your psychology) of any age, is in need of attaining all healthy levels of psychological development, i.e. by "picking up the lost, or unfulfilled, threads", to attain wholeness. Your soul also is in need of acquiring spiritual development to be whole and complete; reunited with Soul.

Setting Soul Boundaries

In the spiritual sense, the Soul is still (but "seems" to be "was") originally the pure manifestation of God. The power of the consciousness of the Soul united with the Christ Mind is what animates our physical form and keeps us healthy, it is our individuality in God, the immortal aspect of our being that moves out of the physical body back to Spirit after death.

Yes, you heard me correctly, your Soul united with the Christ Mind is the power that keeps you healthy, or not (when it becomes an afflicted soul/mind)! There are many degrees of balance needed to re-acquire soul re-integration with Soul, hence the varied health issues that can arise in our being, be they mental, emotional or physical. I have found it helpful to "see" this as layers of an onion that need to be peeled away to reveal/recognize the True, Pure Soul of our individual being.

Kundalini Light (also called prana, chi, or even just the Love of God) is the energy that comes from God (our Source of Oneness with the Universe) into our bodies to animate our Soul's integration with these bodies of a more material form. When this energy gets "blocked" our being becomes as the layers of the onion. As the kundalini comes through our chakras of our spiritual body into our mental, emotional and physical bodies, it is intended to raise the energies (to a vibration of healing) of those bodies, back into alignment with the Universal Order of Light (God's Will).

Kundalini is the creative force intended to be used either to create in the material realm, i.e. starting and finishing projects, a clean house, any action, etc; or to pro-create; or to share sex in a healthy joy and mutual reciprocation.

When this energy is not used according to Universal Order (God's Will), we miscreate (make impure that pure stream of Energy) and make more karma (sin) for ourselves and with others (miscreating the above mentioned sense of separation). This miscreation is what blocks our chakras, which in turn can create blockages in our flow of Light through our meridians, which in turn is what causes ill health. Each day we have the choice to choose how to use this pure Energy in creating our life and aspects of life around us.

The soul allows, by connection with the mind, impurity when she, by free will (innocently, ignorantly, purposefully or is afflicted by others), doesn't recognize or understand the Universal Order, (some may prefer to call it God's Will). Our soul can develop a wounded psychology from patterns learned through dealing with other people in family, religions, philosophies, any aspect of society, as well as, interaction with the natural world environment.

When you consider that, it really is a huge accomplishment to attain one's individuality, and the sense of respect for another's place, as well as, one's own place, in the Universe and learn the reasons for being, the purposes for life.

So number one to do to protect the power of the Soul consciousness is to learn to understand its (her) reality in God, and then set boundaries of protection to keep her safe. Remember the Soul is connected to all levels of being (our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical awarenesses, as well as, the natural world around her), so the soul is connected to those levels, as well.

The soul (by connecting with Soul [highest level of consciousness/God]) is to learn to create boundaries to protect herself from i.e. being too passive, being misguided, misused, abused, etc.. repeating actions not conducive to individual health in all her levels of awareness. And soul is intended to create a stronger connection with Soul to be able to move forward in life and fulfill her reason for being alive in these bodies of matter.

Our Soul is the source of our power along with the Christ Mind/Higher Self, of our individuality in God to create our environment, to take action and to move within this material realm. We are here to be love in action, so we need to learn to be love within our own being to be able to give love to others in better and better ways. When our soul is wounded (that includes anger and hate, because at the core of anger and hate are fears of all kinds) we misuse our environment and others and manipulate others also, just to protect ourselves. There of course, is no real, True justification in that, but we convince ourselves and allow others to convince us, that it is so. Just don't go into any guilt trips on yourself about that..the whole process is a learing exercise for our soul!

RECAP: Our Soul is the feminine aspect of our being and the God Mind is the masculine aspect of our being...the Tao of yin and yang, the Alpha and Omega. We also have our soul and our mind (aspects of the Soul and God Mind) that have become wounded...fallen from the ultimate sense of Oneness.

I believe that the story of Original Sin from Christianity; the manifestation of gods out of God in Hinduism; the sense of suffering from Buddhism; and the use of understanding the sefirot of the Kabbalah in Judaism, for instance, are parallels to this sense of separation of the Soul/soul from God/Oneness/Source.

I believe that the story of Adam and Eve was an allegory of a race of pure Souls that lived at an etheric dimension of Earth, in the Garden of Eden, and were One with God/Universal Order. The Soul (the feminine aspect of self) was tricked by (Satan) fallen ones (that's a whole other story) into believing that surely they would not die if they informed the mind (masculine aspect of self).

In the Soul's innocent disconnection from God Mind in search of this "knowledge" the fallen ones spoke of as being like God, the fallen ones were able to slip into the mind and manifest confusion to "take over" the Soul energy in the body. The Soul, now recognizing how she was tricked into misusing her free will choice, immediately began to believe the mistake, and believed in her sense of unworthiness, and eventually forgot her Oneness and became a soul lost.

The veil (devil; de-i-fied evil)(the layers of the onion began to grow) came down dividing the real from the unreal. The soul and mind have had to gradually remember and re-connect (heal the sense of sin and karma) with Soul of God/Oneness and purpose.

God Mind continued to try and inform mind and soul of Oneness through prophets, development of religions, philosophies, belief systems, etc. But the fallen ones continued to divert and subvert soul and mind as the messages came through the fallen (human) consciousness, and the people became divided into nations. So, a few throughout history attained, in a gradually increasing degree of re-connection of Soul to God Mind, and tried to continue to show the way back to Oneness with God.

Eventually, then came Jesus. A soul that had re-acquired the ultimate and complete, absolute Soul connection with God Mind, had overcome carnal mind with what we now call Christ Mind; to show the way that all people could become God's whole and pure sons and daughthers again, just like Him/Her; Alpha/Omega.

I believe the soul evolves, uncovers Soul and at the same time, mind evolves and uncovers Christ Mind through a gradual development, a re-acquirement of Soul power...the sense of wholeness with God and Creation. And as this happens, the pure Energy given to us each day is used in purer and purer ways until our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies vibrate at a faster level of consciousness...until we can re- create the Garden of Eden of True original form...the Kingdom on Earth. And walk here as individual Christed Beings.

WOW, What a vision!

A Garden of Eden

Together We can create it again!
Together We can create it again!
You, as the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, Your Mighty I AM Presence, I AM THAT I AM
You, as the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, Your Mighty I AM Presence, I AM THAT I AM


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    • d.william profile image


      9 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Excellent article. I have had no formal training in meditation, or studied other religions out there in depth. But my philosophy on life is quite similar to what you state as obvious in your article.

      You lose me when trying to incorporate ANY religion into the metaphysical realm of reality. I suppose being brought up as a christian, and all that it implies, would be difficult to dismiss as a basic untruth in our very core being. (i was brought up as a Roman Catholic).

      Christianity itself was just a manifestation of humanity to unify a religious belief in order to control people en masse. I have done a lot of research and study on the origins of the christian faith, and found them to be less than truthful. I write many articles on the evils of organized religions, in favor of true spirituality, as Christ was purported to possess. His martyrdom was the crux used by the political establishment to create the R.C. church itself, and escalated from there. (and NOT in a positive direction)

      But, with all that said, none of this distracts from your obvious knowledge of a higher awareness that the mainstream religious zealots do not possess.

      I love your writing style and look forward to reading many more of your article. dw

    • Gawn Fishin' profile image

      Gawn Fishin' 

      12 years ago from Vancouver, BC

      I will be rereading this a few times. Gawn

    • b opinionated profile image

      b opinionated 

      12 years ago from California

      Beautiful informative hub. I think some of us forget about the connection of our Soul to God or our Soul as being a part of our spiritual being. Thanks for the great hub!


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