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Dictionary Talking Dictionary and Thesaurus

Updated on April 29, 2012 Works Great With Words With Friends

2012 Update

I don't play many online games but in February 2012 I started to play "Words With Friends" on Facebook. I LOVE IT! I like that I can play a dozen games at the same time and appreciate how I can sign into play for my turn and don't need to stay to continue to play. I like how I can sign once a day to play my turn with Words With Friends. I always loved Scrabble as a kid and now I love it even more as an adult.

I'm aware of the Words With Friends cheat games to help people win but I'm not into that. What's the point if you need to cheat? However, I will have opened in a tab to help me along. When I play a game I always find the need to look up a word a few times throughout each game to make sure it's a word. There are times that the word I wanted to use ends up not being a word BUT shows different words that I never considered and sometimes I discover that I indeed do have the letters for the word I never considered. does help.

I thought I would add content to update this Hub to share with you how I use almost daily when playing Words With Friends. If you love playing Words With Friends why don't you give a try too.

Hubpage Profile


A Hub For A Growing Article Writer

Hello Everyone,

This Hub is about using free resources to help an article writer grow, expand and to help an article writer think outside of their box.

Over the past year I have written Hubs, blogs and created websites weekly. My niche online is mostly about using free websites to earn revenue and using free advertising tools and resources to continue the growth of my Internet business.

Because I write so much content each week I found myself using the same words repetitiously. I needed help to think outside of my box. I needed help to express my thoughts using different words but which held the same meaning.

I recently started to use, and Because I started to use these three free resources, I started to think outside of my box and started to write about different subjects too.

Using of course helped me learn the definition of words BUT also offers a Talking Dictionary . When you visit, type a word into the field you want to learn the definition of and you can click on the microphone to listen to the pronunciation. OK, this might sound very basic to you but for someone like me who waitresses for a living, I learn about new foods everyday and one of the ways I learn how to say the food word is to listen to it and practice saying it out loud. Educating yourself in a field which you enjoy can only help you become better at it. I'm sure you agree.

I also came across another great website that pronounces words too. It's called You type a word or up to six words into the field, the words then appear pink in color and then you simply mouse over the word to hear it pronounced. is also free to use.

I use a Thesaurus weekly . Because I write so many articles, snoops, stories, blogs and websites, I needed help to stop using certain words repetitiously. Another free to use resource the Internet has to offer. Click Here to visit the free online

It's been a while since I wrote a Hub and felt sharing this information would be helpful to all of you article writers who are here for the long run. Don't get discouraged and don't give up. Continue to write Hubs, blogs and create websites. Most of us Hubbers are here to better our financial standing. The more we write the more we have the opportunity to earn revenue. The longer we write the more our revenue will increase over time. Earning money online from writing does not happen over night but it does eventually happen.

I also want to share with all of you what I have been up to. Over the past month I have answered many questions I received from dozens of Hubbers. I am always happy to help someone who wants to learn how I continue to grow my Internet Business. Like I said above, I have not wrote a Hub in a long while but I will always continue to write Hubs. I decided to focus on writing blogs and have been pushing myself to write about different topics. I also have updated my websites and took the time to connect most of my Hubs to my websites and connect my blogs to my websites and visa versa. Connecting all of your work together helps you expand and grow your Internet business.

At the top of this Hub I have created links to a handful of my most recent blogs and websites for examples. I continue to add and update most of my work because editing and updating our websites, hubs and blogs is a vital part to growing a strong solid Internet business. Enjoy everyone and keep up the good work.


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    • quuenieproac profile image


      7 years ago from Malaysia

      Thanks for sharing . Am learning new things from you everytime!

    • mailxpress profile imageAUTHOR

      Michelle Cesare 

      8 years ago from New York

      Hi Jen,

      You are welcome. My mom introduced the talking dictionary to me. I find it very helpful. I should have known too. I just never thought of it. Enjoy it, it helps.


    • Jen's Solitude profile image

      Jen's Solitude 

      8 years ago from Delaware

      What a great hub you have provided. 3 free online resources are so appreciated. Thanks for the encouragement to keep writing too. I should have known there would be talking dictionary some where on the Internet. (smile)


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