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Did mythological creatures ever exist?

Updated on September 6, 2015

What has been told through the ages.

As man kind goes through the ages they leave books or articles explaining cases where they themselves or someone they knew encountered a mythological creature. Their has been so many creatures explained through the ages that it always leaves us guessing whether or not these stories were really true. Since we don't have solid proof anything we believe is a mere opinion, although it is intriguing that at one point in history it could of been a possibility. There are facts that does raise flags, which is the same creature, even though different in name, is spotted with the same apperance. The part that is most interesting is that they were located at different parts of the world during different eras. How is it possible 2 different cultures explain paranormal creatures, it's not like hundreds or thousands of years ago we had a phone or a Facebook to get together and invent a lie to deceive everyone.

Sirens and mermaids

There are so many mythological creatures that I'll be able to only cover a few examples. Mermaids, a half fish, half humanoid creature with the upper body of a human and a lower, scaly, fish like tail, have been rumored through out the ages being spotted near ocean shores. Many different cultures from different areas spread across the world have explained many sighting of these creatures, even as far as interacting with them. Sirens, a half bird half human, a sinister creature have been told in countless tails of luring boats by singing an enchanting tune in order to make them crash or get lost at sea.

The infamous kraken

This mythological creature "The Kraken" is a squid like giant sea monster which terrorized ships at sea through out the ages. In my opinion it's not a myth since it has been proven with real concrete proof that squids can reach incredible sizes over the ages. Whole ships would be sunk when the monster attached itself and sucked it in, instantly capsizeing many. A vast number of ship's demise were blamed on the kraken, sinking an incredible amount of ships through its life time with no remorse for human life. Sailors would be terrorized and try to defend themselves but to no avail. In current times there are no more incidents reporting this creature but all things living also experiences death leaving the all mighty kraken in the past.

The centaur race

The centaurs are told as a race with mostly vicious intentions and although they had a couple of good individuals, they lived to terrorize. Its head, arms, and chest are those of a human with the bottom of a horse. Their behavior was animalistic but with the cunning of a human, a very dangerous combination. There are so many tales of horrendous actions that out weighing the amount of good deeds told throughout their history which is probably why they don't exist anymore.

Hell's guardian Cerberus

Cerberus, a monster hell hound with a serpent's tail, a mane of snakes, and lion claws, is depicted as the guardian of hell. This dog creature, patrols the gate of hell so neither the dead nor the living will crawl through the gates no matter what. The three heads represented the ability to see and represent future, past and present, while others saw it as a symbol of birth, youth and old age. The hell hound has a craving for physical flesh which allows him to devour those who try to enter the under world. Those eating cravings are only limited to physical flesh which is why it allows souls to enter but disallows any to escape.

The majestic Griffin

The griffin has always been linked to a symbol of divinity a well respected creature that is seen as the most powerful. This legendary creature with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion, and the head, wings of an eagle, is often associated as a guardian of gold or precious items. Probably a symbol of good, the complete opposite of the many evil creatures to been said to exist. They say "where there is evil their is good" and vice versa.

Anything is possible

As time passes nothing stays the same, it could be true that these creatures existed at one point but it can all be a myth as well. Either way they don't exist anymore as far as we know but for years to come, it will always intrigue the human mind. Many think because of our natural human nature to defend our own no matter what the cost, any species that's a threat to us will be over powered by us. Those mythical creatures may of had powers but our human brain is more powerful then anything that was told throughout the past.


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