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Do mistakes occur in mitosis?

Updated on April 12, 2016
Numerical disorders
Numerical disorders | Source
Structural abnormalities
Structural abnormalities | Source
Sperm-egg | Source

Mitosis is the machanics where genetic simularity of cells is assured. But, to answer the question in the title,yes,although rare,mitotic mistakes do occur. If one or more chromosomes did not attach themselves to the spindle for some reason,such as a loss of the centromere, it could lag behind while dividing and end up in the wrong daughter cell. The centrioles might divide abnormally. Thus, producing abnormal division centers. As a result of these mistakes, the daughter cells would contain unequal numbers of chromosomes that could lead to death or to abnormal patterns of cellular behavior. The mechanics by which genetic character becomes differenciated remains one of the most intriguing of biological mysteries .

So, the whole furtilization process just gets all of this started. Isn't it interesting how the whole of the process of life,not just in humans but also in animals,plants, anything living has a self distruct mechanism,if you will,in most cases to stop the process at any time by aborting the whole thing if need be! There is a rhyme of reason in all nature.


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    • pconoly profile imageAUTHOR

      Pamela K Conoly 

      6 years ago from Fort Worth,Tx.

      I Know,,,,Can you imagine people knowing this and yet still continuing to smoke and not use sunscreen when out in the sun. Society dictates that people are living longer. But when you factor in poor eating habits and all in general life style,drugs,alcohol abuse,which in itself is more altering than most people want to beleive. It is facinating ,this day and age people live as long as they do. Oh..and not to mention pregnancy.

    • donabhatt profile image


      6 years ago from Hyderabad

      Not only sunburn.......any kind of harmful rays and chemicals can equally trigger wrong information, mutate genes that regulate DNA repair mechanisms . Free radicals, benzopyrene and etc released during smoking mutates those genes which result improper functioning of such important mechanisms.

    • pconoly profile imageAUTHOR

      Pamela K Conoly 

      6 years ago from Fort Worth,Tx.

      Good comment! DNA repair mechanisms are constantly working. That is one reason why we need to stay aware of the UV rays. Not to get sunburned.

    • ccornblatt profile image

      Cassidy Cornblatt 

      6 years ago

      Actually mistakes occur all the time in mitosis, but most mistakes are corrected by DNA repair mechanisms.


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