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Dignity Discrimi-Nation

Updated on March 17, 2013

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

"all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights"

In our land of milk and honey is the sub-text of liberty and freedom. We all expect this value of our lives and contributions to be respected and honored. Yet we are sub-terrainiously mutinized by individuals quest for empire, importance and validation. The search for empire is to prove your power.

As individuals we maintain our orbits of faith and belief in our own propaganda. We clash with other cultural orbits in subtle and fragile ways. This March 21st we should consider not only visible racism as well as those subtle and discrete ways we as a species devalue and discriminate based on our need to be valued and deemed superior.


Always with something to prove is left a cosmic size black hole in souls and gravity is trying to fill it. It begins at birth. Standards are implied and the almighty bell curve is imposed over a individuals life. With out experience of days lived value is given to potential. As the measuring stick of time is applied we devalue the hardware of that individuals life eliminating and disqualifying that individual for their rights, acceptance and value.

Segregation begins in school as students are itemized and categorized by the almighty bell curve of expectation. Expectation of religious institutes, peers, family, and other external sources applying pressure to the young mind. Hand me down grudges and the desire to assimilate to and contribute to a culture is denied or based on ones likes, dislikes and desires.


Article 27

1/ everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits

2/ everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he/she is the author.


Our value and the value of another does not come from the heart or desire to see our species elevated but from the king we serve. The king served is those thoughts and the xenophobe. Xenophobia is the root of our lack. The king you serve dictates who you hate. Looking up the ladder of your current prescribed cultural orbit and gazing upon the idol who dictates your paraphernalia, propaganda and your xenophobe.

Every action judged, scrutinized and analyzed to the kings decree, society deems human life its value. So rejected, scorned, mocked, and ridiculed the young and old go about in depression, self-mutilation and suicidal tendencies. The expression of our freedom in the west.

In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights set forth by the United Nations article twenty-seven describes to us the basic programming common to all men(the species). This desire to participate and contribute to the culture of a nation, its sciences and arts. Through thievery and prostitution many rights and individuals are washed away as the shadow of the death star encroaches across a individual, a culture, and or a nation exiling and decimating that orbit.


This twenty-first day of March is Racial Discrimination Day. Let's put the king of our actions on trial. Lets decide that race includes cultures of nations with in nations. Exposing the truth that not only visible minorities but those marginalized and found on the opposite sides of the bell curve face the same scrutiny and discrimination. Realizing that we all can become tyrants, dictators and executioner guilty of devaluing and decommissioning a life.

Discrimination is based on a lot of factors and should also be acknowledged. Everything from income equality, fashion, movies, music, likes and dislikes, politics and religion, sexual preference are all used and most likely the tool that enables and empowers our fears, hatred and inferiority. Alienation is the fruit of our xenophobe. Propagating gossip, lies and indulge in the history of individuals in question as if with our superior authority taking liberties, freedoms and universal rights from our species. Bullies from every aspect of life, rapists and those bent on domination.

Let us determine to check our own hearts and motives destroying the death star and the king on the throne dictating the xenophobia : our own thoughts and actions of inferiority, jealousy and hatred. We are of infinite worth and value. The quest for empire is a plague in our hearts and minds.


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