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Diverse Dynamic Group

Updated on October 14, 2019
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Dynamic Skills and Backgrounds

A diverse, dynamic group can provide a wide array of personalities and intelligence. Diversity can come in many different ways. The core of any successful group is its ability to define and use the group’s assets to the advantage of all. Everyone has his or her strengths and weakness. In a group setting, having people with different diverse backgrounds can provide solutions that a non-diverse might not see. At the start of any group, each team member should give an understanding of his or her strengths and any weaknesses she or he is comfortable with the group knowing. The success of any group or project involves excellent communication and cooperation.

Honest Communication

Developing open and honest communication is necessary for any long-lasting success, whether in a team environment or an interpersonal relationship. In a way, an excellent example of a group dynamic is how people approach individual relationships. Successful couples manage to build on the strengths the individual brings while working on the way to meet with any shortcomings. Whereas a couple that stays stagnate unwilling to change or accepts the other's point of view is altimetry be doomed to failure. Couples whose personalities are too different and are inflexible will usually fail. Much like in couples, a team benefits from diversity. By bringing in different skill sets, the team can tackle any problem or assignment from many angles.

In this Hub

In this Hub, I will name three learning groups or Intelligence from Multiple Pathways to Learning (Carter, Bishop, and Kravitz page 41) and three personality types from Personality Spectrum (Carter, Bishop, and Kravitz, page 46).

Intelligence, Intrapersonal

A person or persons with this learning style or intelligence is more prone to seeking out his or her place in a group as it relates to the project at hand. An intrapersonal person will feel the need to be independent of the group. This independence can be an asset or be a liability for the group dynamic. Independence can be an asset for research goals in which the ability to answer or arrive at an answer by one’s self. By setting strict guidelines for group members, this intelligence can be harness for the benefit of all.

Intelligence, Interpersonal

An interpersonal person can place the group’s needs ahead of his or her own needs. Cooperation is the name of the game to this intelligence. Teamwork is essential for the group dynamic, but it is also necessary for individuals to express his or her opinions. Only with full participation can a group reach its fullest potential. A group must require members to participate in every aspect.

Intelligence, Verbal-Linguistic

A verbal-linguistic person is most likely to set the tone for the group. This inelegance can communicate his or her set of goals to the group. A person with verbal linguistics intelligence can bring together a group through humor. Appropriate humor can set a group at ease. Working logically or interpersonally is essential, but without communication, a team will not function successfully.

Personalities, Organizer

An organizer and verbal-linguistic traits are most likely to be the official or unofficial leader of a team. Utilize her or his abilities to plan out a course for the team; he or she can give the team structure, detail, order, and discipline. The right person with this personality trait can elevate a team from mediocre to extraordinary. This is not to say that an organization must have a leader or that leader to be an organizer. For example, if a city were to have the city council meeting ran by the most organized person in the room, the council would be run by the person who keeps the minutes.

Personalities, Adventurer

Learning is an adventure. A person with an adventurous personality can force the group into a new direction for the good or ill. Possessing an open mind to new possibilities will ensure the group will explore new possible angles to a project or problem. A team member with this trait can provide an original even artistic voice; it is vital to keep the group on target.

Personalities, Giver

Conflict will arise in any group of people. A giver will try to keep the peace within the group. He or she will most likely try to keep an open line of communication among warring group members tries to resolve any disagreements. If it were necessary to assign positions within the team, a giver would be both sheriff and counselor.

Working with what you got

Diversity is more than just race, sex, or other characteristics. In the “real world,” it would be nice to have one of each of the intelligence and personalities within a group. More than likely, a group will be a random mix of types of personalities and inelegances. What is essential is to find harmony with the team no matter what the makeup. Working as a team, not as individuals.


(Page 41, Keys to College Studying: Becoming an Active Thinker, Second Edition 2007, by Carol Carter, Joyce Bishop, and Lyman Kravits)

(Page 46, Keys to College Studying: Becoming an Active Thinker, Second Edition 2007, by Carol Carter, Joyce Bishop, and Lyman Kravits)

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