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Division - Which part is which? What's a quotient?

Updated on May 31, 2013

My students are always confusing the parts of division. After all they move around when you least expect it. Depending on the way in which a division problem is set up determines which part is in which place.

The first photo shows a tradition set up of division, with the quotient ending up on top when all the division is done

The second photo shows a horizontal division problem.

Make sure if you start with a horizontal division problem that you know the dividend goes in the box in order to solve the problem.

Don't get mixed up on where those numbers go

So here are the real life examples of the parts of division

Quotient - the answer to a division problem

Divisor - the number we are dividing by

Dividend - the number to be divided

There are so many different division signs that it can get confusing. Did you know that the fraction bar means the same thing as division?


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    • aniruddh10 profile image

      aniruddh10 5 years ago from Navi Mumbai,Maharashtra

      yeah same here. when i was young i too used to get confused.

      nice way to teach young people.