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Does More Standardize Testing Yield Higher Student Achievement?

Updated on January 17, 2012

Do More Standardize Test Yield Higher Student Achievement?

In 1984 every high school student required to take advance Math and Science courses as part of a college preparedness program. Everyone studies but there was this incomprehensible pressure on students to perform. In 11th grade everyone took their college boards which were usually the SAT and then applied to the schools of their choice in their Senior year. There was one test to determine your achievement. That was it. There was a lot of pressure on the student who took that test because it was only taken once but then the student could return to academic life relatively uniterrupted by the process.

Now there is a standardized test for all fourth graders, the FCAT and then the PSAT and then college boards. One top of which standardized tests are given annually to track academic achievement. For the most part children are no longer being taught anything but the information on the tests and how ot score well. And they have to do this on multiple tests.

It doesn’t make any sense. In 1984 we were graduating Scientist, Doctors, Engineers and Computer Scientists and student achievement was higher then it is today. I was amazed at how few students actually take Calculus now. It was mandatory when I went to High School. It is the same with the Sciences. It is no longer about studying and learning but about beating tests. And apparently the tests have been watered down since the 1980(s). The college boards have become easier.

With all these tests we may not be graduating as many illiterate children but we aren’t graduating as many academics either. The top and the bottom performs are completely cut out of education through these testing schemes that seem entirely unnecessary. So more standardize tests don’t result in higher achievement but more frequent measures.


1) So I am offering a solution. Math and Science haven’t really

changed that much since the 1980(s) at least on the high

school level so scrap all the tests with the exception of the SAT.

Let’s get back to basics and start teaching in the classroom


2) I know JEB is into digital learning and it is appropriate in some cases but is by no means a substitute for learning in an educational environment. Children need to learn to socially network in their academic careers so they can socially network in their jobs. So until there is a digital job opening for all digital learners let’s go back to teaching in the classroom.

3) Standardize classroom curriculums. A Calculus class in

Vermont should be the same as one in Florida but with

enough flexibility the teacher can move the class at a pace of

skills acquisitions.

4) Tie school funding specifically to the student and audit the

school. And if the student both performs well and gives the teacher good ratings then give teachers a bonus. Happy children work hard for their teachers as they do not want to disappoint.

5) Require parent involvement at the school. And have the social

supports in corporations to allow parents to perform their volunteer hours.

6) Have a grade and test forgiveness policy. If a student

successfully remediate’s then allow them to take the highest score.

7) Have a National Data base for teaching specific skills which

teachers can access when a student is having difficult learning.

8) Commit to teaching every child to be a successful adult and not

just those who can make it.

9) On every test including standardize tests error correction

be conducted so the child can see where they made their mistake and have a opportunity to successful learn that skill.

10) Follow the pattern teacher, test, provide error correction and


Successful Teaching

As much as everyone would like to think teaching is an art it is more of a science in which frequent measures should be taken on a weekly if not bi-weekly basis. And the data should be evaluated, error correction should be taught and then another measure should be taken. Successful teaching has been going on for centuries, and before there was ever an SAT. I agree we should have a standardized testing system I think Princeton has that all wrapped up.

Let’s get back to teaching through a scientific method and stop wasting all these billions of dollars on massively wasteful standardized test that are carious and interfering with the main objective of our educational system which is to prepare our young adults for advanced careers in the world.


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Thank Carco,

      I tried to expose the problems with our educational system and some solutions. I think education needs to be completely revamped and with the exception of yearly standardize tests which are given without preparation and college boards all other standardized measures should be abandoned and those dollars repatriated to the students.

      Thanks for all the votes, reading and commenting.


    • carcro profile image

      Paul Cronin 

      7 years ago from Winnipeg

      This is great, every thing you said here is bang on. My kids love to learn in school, but they are faced with some awful teachers, and I use the term teachers lightly. All the testing is a total waste of time and instead they should teach the teachers how to teach. That is not to say all teachers are bad, their are a lot of great teachers as my kids will attest to. Most kids seriously so want to learn when at school, its unfortunate that the education turns a blind eye to what and how they are being taught. Voted uP across the board!

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Hi Patty,

      Education is so watered down compared to the 1980(s) it is unbelievable. But I thought I would offer constructive ideas how to revamp the educational system so it started working again. Even in college they are reading 10th grade level books for English I & II. College is even watered down now.

      And college graduates aren't performing at levels people in their 40(s). They aren't even close to being as educated and sophisticated. But I don't blame them. They are being taught tests. We need to move back to a model where they are being taught. I believe dedication to excellence creates excellence and we can't just test children for it.

      Also it is billions and billions of dollars and time wasted on these standardized tests which are not producing higher achievement. We know how to teach. That hasn't changed since the Greeks. We need to go back to teaching. And stop wasting time and money and abandoning our childrens' intellectual development. In 20 years this country is really going to be in trouble if the schools don't start producing high achieveing young adults to enter the work force.

      But I did provide constructive ideas to change the system for the better that would limit the costs and the money saved from those worthless standardized tests can be repatriated to the classrooms and tag on to each student. A matrix system for student funding so to speak, with school audits of course.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.


    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish MS 

      7 years ago from USA. Member of Asgardia, the first space nation, since October 2016

      Something is horribly wrong, for certain. For instance, I watched a high school quiz show where two teams of 4 compete in answering questions - Brain Game I think it was called yesterday, like the old II The Know and College Bowl. So, the moderator went through the first 12 or 14 questions about American literature (some application too, rather than plain memorization) and history and no student hit a buzzer at all. It was half-way through Geography that someone finally had an answer.

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Hi Lord,

      It is a shame Calculus is not require to graduate form High School any longer. So the world will have to depend on your hub. I took Claculus for engineer majors so if you could just do a HIgh School Calculus the world would be a better place.

      I did offer a substantive educational program change instead of just criticize. So it will either be ignored or ripped off.

      Waiting for your hub....


    • Lord De Cross profile image

      Joseph De Cross 

      7 years ago from New York

      Working on that Calculus hub my friend, but cutting down on the hardest areas..but we know we can do it..for the sake of our young generations. Great Hub JT!


    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Thanks Cherlyone,

      I wante dot put forth a plan though that addressed our country's educational crisis and would provide our children witht he education they need to be successful in school. As for the teachers. They are not meant to teach tests. There is an over emphasis on testing whihc is costing our school billions and billions of dollars. Standardize testing makes more money than many industries in this coutnry and it is destroying our children's education.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.


    • cherylone profile image

      Cheryl Simonds 

      7 years ago from Connecticut

      I fully agree with this hub. I have read that the teachers are actually being penalized if their students don't do well on the tests so they concentrate on teaching those skills and skip the others which are just as important if not more so in some cases. Great Hub


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