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Do You Have A Gambling Problem?

Updated on December 31, 2009

Do You Have A Gambling Problem?

Do You Have A Gambling Problem?

Ask yourself these questions.

*Do I frequently visit casinos?

*Do I lose a lot of money when gambling?

*Do you gamble to compensate for something that is not right in your life?

*Do I sacrifice things that are important to gamble?

*Do I gamble as an act of desperation because I never seem to have any money?

IF you answered, YES to any of those questions above, then you potentially may have a gambling problem or addiction to gambling.

Let's establish this before I discuss or provide tips to you on how to keep gambling from turning into an addiction, or how to alleviate gambling out of your life all together.

No matter what type of gambling you may be doing now, whether it is in the casions, scratch off tickets, the lottery, etc. When you gambling, the odds are built for those places to take your money, and the odds of you winning anything is very, very slim.

So, the gambling system is not built for you to win, it is structured for you to lose your money. Walk into a casino sometime, and look at those who have lost their money, and they have no clue, how they are going to get home, or eat, or where they will be sleeping. I have seen people lose, their houses, their caars, and their paychecks, gambling.

Rememeber, when you are gambling you are taking a risk toward losing your money, or things that you value or need the most.

Here are some tips on how to remove gambling from your lifestyle:

*Never use gambling as a method to get you out of debt, or use gambling, as an act of desperation, because you may need, what you deem as a way to make some quick money.

*Start limiting the amount of times you frequent or visit casinos.

*Set a pre planned spending limit that you can use whenever you start gambling, KNOW YOUR LIMIT - When you lose your limit, GO HOME!! or leave the casino, if you do not have a home to go to in the first place..

*DO not get yourself caught up in the belief, that you will beat the gambling system, just because you may have won money in the past. I do not live my life, based on a belief that you are lucky whenever you win something gambling, it just means the odds were in your favor, that's all.

The odds may be in your favor, based on the relative of probability, but the odds of you winning, each and everytime you visit a casino, is not promised. The gambling system itself has been designed to relieve you of your money or personal loot, always keep that in mind.

*Never gamble the things away that you know you will need, like a car, a house, etc...Remember the ole saying, " A fool and his or her money are what?"

*Do NOT drink alcoholic beverages while gambling, alcohol will only loosing your inhibitions, and you you will realize after you have sobered up the next day that you have lost more money than you have won. I have even heard of people awaking from a sobering sleep to find, that they just lost their car and their jewelry from gambling.

*IF you cannot stop or curb your gambling habit, seek professional help immediately.

Casinos, have developed a iron clad racket. For one, casinos have managed to put everything you need in that one place. You can eat, leave your kids in the care of babysitting areas at casinos, you can shop and even get massages in most casinos. Choose whatever you do at casinos or any gambling establishment wisely.

You have been warned and informed.


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