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Do You Have Any Personal Privacy?

Updated on May 30, 2011

I wrote this hub because I felt it needed to be written. I feel as though that we as a people do not have any personal privacy. I believe that there are companies that exist today, who collect information or data about us and monitor our social habits.

I know that if we do not take a stand against these companies, that take your personal data, and in most cases uses it against law abiding citizens. It will only result in your personal privacy being a thing of the past. Yet, you have these companies that data mine or collect information about us and state, that they are only providing information their clients request, which is personal data about you and me solely for marketing purposes.

Do these companies that exchange my personal data, think that I am stupid or what? If these companies that collect data in this manner, believe that they can tell me that they are only collecting personal data about me for marketing purposes. If I believe what those companies are saying, then I have some ocean front property in the state of the Arizona desert for sell.

If a company is collecting personal data on me, at least have the decency to come and address any concerns I may have about collecting personal data about me in the first place.

I hope this hub will help to enlighten the public, pertaining to the invasion of your personal privacy, by these companies, who are gathering your private or personal information, that is being harvested and sold to the highest bidder.

You are probably thinking that if I’m a law abiding citizen, why I should have to worry about my privacy being invaded by these companies. Yet the companies that are harvesting your personal information know who they are, and they are trying to play this game, that they don’t know what happens with the information, once it sold to the highest bidder, or even our government.

Data mining companies are no better than drug peddlers; they have just found a way to circumvent our privacy, by selling or by peddling our personal or private information to other parties, who are willing to pay millions of dollars, maybe billions for it.

Please be aware of the personal information that is gathered about your internet activity. Find a browser, like Internet Explorer, that will notify you, when companies, are gathering or extracting information from your computer, based on your internet activities.

I will not sat by and watch my private information being sold, or even have it dispersed across the internet. I will not openly disclose the companies that are using data mining techniques, or disclose the companies that are selling personal information about millions of people to the highest bidder on this hub page. Simply, because, those companies know who they are, and if anybody reading this hub is curious about those companies. I would suggest that you research these companies, and compile a list of privacy advocates that you can contact as well.

This is something to think about. Before the emergence of technology, or even the internet, it was too costly to gather private or personal information, about every person in United States. Now, this information can be stored by the billions, by the trillions for pennies on the dollar.

What steps can you take to prevent your privacy from being invaded?

· Contact your local Privacy Advocate Group

· Contact the Company or Agency harvesting your personal information

· Request that they remove your personal data from their database

· Contact an attorney if those data mining companies or agencies will not comply

· You could contact your local governmental office to ask questions or inquire about how you would file a or voice a complaint

· If you find an error in your personal information, then dispute it from where it came

· Know your rights

· Review the information you find in their files and verify that the information is yours

Furthermore, your private information is exactly what it is, it’s private. We as citizens should not have to worry about whether or not our privacy is being honored, or respected by others, who only see our information as an instrument for profit, and an instrument that can be used against us, that might just affect our future.

Last but not least, understand that nobody should be using your personal information or disclosing it to other parties without your consent. If a stand is not taken against these companies and their practices, in the next ten years , your personal privacy will be a thing of the past.


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