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Do You Try?

Updated on July 2, 2009
I'm trying to crawl
I'm trying to crawl

There's no trying

Have you ever tried something, doesn’t matter what is it, it could be as simple as lifting up a chair or changing your mind towards something or to building a business and failed?

Have you been into those frustration moments?

Pretty hard to endure, isn’t it? When you have poured all your efforts only to find out that you failed to achieve what you want to do.

One of the biggest problem that we as humans face is the word ‘try’ or ‘trying.’

Do you realize that trying is not enough or perhaps bluntly speaking, it does not exist. Trying is not a state of doing! It just never exists.

Perhaps you can imagine this situation, try to pick up the chair that you are sitting now (assuming that you aren’t standing reading this). Try to pick it up.

If you have already picked it up and holding it in your hand, then you have failed what I’ve asked you to do!

I said try and not picking it up. What you need to do is just try to do it and not doing it. By doing it, which in this case picking up the chair, you have performed what I’ve not told you to do. Since I wasn’t telling you to pick it up, all you need is just try and this means you need not do anything other than try. Just lay your hands on the chair and pretending that you want to pick it up is more than enough.


Let me make clear this up. When performing a task, there is just two decision that you need to make, two situation; first, of course to do it and second, not to do it. If you decide to do it, then the outcome is either you succeed or fail, not more than that. In case if you decide not to do it, then there’s no outcome. Nothing moves, nothing changes.

In human nervous system, 'trying' is just a justification to try to justify that we really did do our part to the most and we didn’t fail because we didn’t do what was necessary over fearful. Notice the words 'didn't do' - most people thought that their have taken certain actions but actually there did no more than thinking. (Man, I was guilty about this) 'Trying' and 'Doing' do not come together and once we are trying, we are not committing to do something or to change something.

Perhaps have you tried dieting? Most probably that you couldn’t keep up with your dieting, since trying is not enough!

Dieting is an on going process, perhaps for a period of time as long as you wish so that you can keep your body looks slim and great. If you are on diet today but not tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, then you aren’t dieting at all. You are cheating yourself into believing that you are indeed taking the necessary steps to dieting but thing does not work that way. Just go and ask any health or fitness instuctor.

What you have been doing is just trying to diet. One day diet is enough to act as a justification and fool your mind that you have tried and failed. If you cannot keep the momentum going, that's it. But yet you are trying to communicate to your brain that you are not good enough for dieting, you aren’t for that kind of task! And your dumb brain will listen and believe what you are trying to tell the truth. We get what we ask for. Seek and you shall find.

Trying is just a state of mind that you aren’t ready to commit to something. Your ego, which is always good in protecting you, will always seek out justification for you so that you do not need to progress since you have failed.

Perhaps your brain will shout at you, “Stop doing it and don’t torture yourself, you have already tried and failed!”


Do you realize that the journey hasn’t even started yet?

Go tell your brain that it has gone too far.

“Do or do not… there’s no try.” -Yoda



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    • illeagle profile image

      illeagle 7 years ago

      “Do or do not… there’s no try.” -Yoda

      Awesome!!! I wish I had taken Yoda more seriously as a child!