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Do we have the right to choose what our children learn in schools?

Updated on June 22, 2011

Do we have the right as parents to choose what our children learn in schools? Right now, no we don't, unless they are in a private school. Our children are learning what other believe they should learn. As being a religious person, I have studied evolution and I have studied intelligent design. I personally believe in creationism, which to what evolutionist would say intelligent design is, but they are somewhat different. I have found evidence of the bible but have yet to find evidence of evolution. Why then will they not teach both intelligent design and evolution? I believe it is because they are afraid that if they compare the two, our children will realize the problems with evolution.

Shouldn't we have a say in what our children learn? Isn't this country about freedom of speech and freedom of religion? Why then are our freedoms taken away in the schools? It's no longer what we decide to believe but rather what we are told to believe.

I remember in middle school, planned parenthood came in and held a school assembly (without parent knowledge). The speaker obviously didn't know what they were saying. They said that it was 'OK' to have sex (remember this is middle school, 13 years old) but if you get into trouble, contact planned parenthood. They even handed out condoms to us. I stood up as they spoke and yelled that it wasn't OK as we were too young and I walked out. They called my mom and told her I was suspended for a week for what I had done. My mom, being in the military, walked in with her uniform on and picked up their phone. When they asked her what she was going to do, she said she was calling up the news stations because all the parents of this school needed to know what was going on. Of course they let me off my suspension and I returned to class. Did you know that was happening in schools. I'm 22 years old now...that happened when I was 13. What do you think is going on now with how much everything has changed.

Can our children even pray in school? I was told that I couldn't fold my hands before lunch because it bothered another student. Well I'm bothered by their disbelief and selfishness.

Now back to what they are being taught. I wonder if they are teaching things with an open mind or one track mind. I do not have children in school yet but they will be eventually. I would like to know what has happened to other children that you know of that you think is ridiculous. Are they teaching something or teaching it in a manner that you disagree with? Leave a comment and let me know.


Update- After writing this, I thought my work would be done. However, many of you heard that President Obama will be addressing our schools. Although they are giving the schools the option to not listen to the address, are they giving the parents the right to choose?


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