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Does it matter if a Veterinarian is not a Vegetarian

Updated on June 18, 2013

I don’t know if you have ever told someone, “I am a Vegetarian” and the person asked you, “is that why you are a Veterinarian?” The question seems to suggest that veterinarian should be vegetarian. But is it right for someone to enjoy eating his/her patient? That is can a human doctor be a cannibal? Some people may ask why then is the case different in the veterinary practice?

Some people are of the opinion that man which includes Veterinary doctors like animals just for what they get from the animals. That is for the food/nutrients, and the income. Therefore, man does everything to make his animals healthy not for the love he has for the animals but because of the benefit he gets from such animals. It is a fact some people get joy and happiness by being with their Pets which is also a benefit. It follows that if a veterinarian loves an animal for the food and money he can make from such animals then he will do his best to keep the animals healthy.

On the other hand, some people are of the opinion that a veterinarian should not be interested in his patient as a source of food because it does not show much love for his patient in that he may not have the emotions to make all necessary efforts to save his patient with the knowledge that he has an alternative which is to use his patient as a source of food especially when the case/condition is not infectious or zoonotic.

Whatever may be the case, the interest of a Veterinarian is not only to treat animals but also to protect the human population by playing his/her own part in disease management. That is in areas of preventive medicine and zoonoses. Lastly, every veterinarian should personally know the kind of love and concern he will have for his patient, if he has pleasure in using his patient as a source of food. That is why we just have to chat on the subject here because we will love to know what you think.


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