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Fox Tales: True Stories from Real People about Wild Foxes

Updated on May 25, 2014

A Red Fox

A red fox in the wild
A red fox in the wild | Source

A Fox on a Golf Course

A fox casually strolling through a golf course.
A fox casually strolling through a golf course. | Source

A Funny Story about a Fox on a Golf Course

Two older men were playing golf at their local golf course. Halfway through their play, one of the gentlemen hit his golf ball onto the green. Out of nowhere, a curious older fox ran out onto the green to inspect his golf ball. She sniffed it. Right behind the old fox was a young fox pup. The men assumed that it was a mother fox and her pup.

The young fox pup then ran up to the golf ball and started batting it around with his front paws, and butted it around with his nose. The golfers watched the young pup play with the golf ball for a few minutes. The fox pup then concluded by urinating on the golf ball.

The two golfers erupted in laughter. They were awestruck by the sight of the foxes, and then this cute little fox pup really made their day by peeing on their golf ball.

The foxes left, and the golfers walked up to the incensed golf ball. The one golfer thought about it, then picked up the ball and proceeded to the closest golf ball washer.

(Source: Redbubble by tuffcookie)

Continue reading about a fox that was rescued from death by a kind man in England.

A Wild Fox

A wild fox.
A wild fox. | Source

Take Caution in the Wild

Foxes may look cute, but it not recommended to approach a fox in the wild. Foxes are typically skittish around animals and humans that are larger than them. If a fox approaches you in the wild, it is possible that it has rabies.

A fox in the wild will most likely run from you if you walk towards it.

Man Rescues Fox from Death and Gains a Best Friend

A man named Mike Fowler from Kent, England rescued a fox that was badly injured, and gained a friend for life.

Mike Fowler's Story

In 2001, Mike Fowler came across an injured fox on the streets, after a dog badly injured it. The fox had a disease called toxoplasmosis, and nearly died. Mike nursed the fox back to health, and the fox became Mike's 'dog' and loyal companion.

Mike named the fox, "Cropper," and they go on walks together, just like a dog would with his owner. Cropper wears a leash on walks, just like a dog would.

Mike never expected in his wildest dreams to have a fox for a pet, but this unlikely pair have grown quite fond of one another.

Cropper the Fox

Cropper the Fox

In the video to the right, you can see Mike Fowler, and Cropper the fox. They are inseparable after Cropper's near-death experience.

Now the fox is attached to Mike, and lives with Mike, just like a dog would. However, not all fox-human interactions result in the fox becoming domesticated.

The following story is about a fox that was fed by a woman in Maine, but stayed true to its wild ways. She later wrote about it in a book, which caused her to philosophically think about the wild animal in all of us.

Wild Fox: A True Story by Cherie Mason

Wild Fox: A True Story
Wild Fox: A True Story

This is Cherie Mason's poignant story of how she befriended a wild fox, knowing that his instincts would soon lead him away forever. Suffused with gentle wonder, Wild Fox speaks to the deep human longing to span the gulf between species.


Writer Cherie Mason and Her Fox Story

A Maine writer, named Cherie Mason, had her own experience with a wild fox that had been maimed by a steel trap, leaving it with only three legs. Cherie Mason took pity on the fox, and fed it scraps from her kitchen.

She said that this was the start of a unique friendship between her and a three-legged fox. This fox continued to visit Cherie for six months, and became popular in her local community.

Cherie says that he continued to stay wild and hunt for his own food, despite visiting her regularly. Eventually, the fox left, and returned to the wild to live among his own kind.

The Fox and the Hound

A picture of a record album with the Soundtrack for the Fox and the Hound animated movie.
A picture of a record album with the Soundtrack for the Fox and the Hound animated movie. | Source

The Real Life Fox and the Norwegian Hound

Perhaps if you have children, you may be familiar with a Disney movie called "The Fox and the Hound." This is an animated tale about a fox pup and a dog pup meeting each other in the wild, around the premise of a fox hunt taking place. The two meet and become friends, despite being on opposites sides.

The above movie is fictional, but not completely unbelievable after a fox and a dog become friends in real life.

In the woods of Norway, Tinni the dog was out doing its thing when it came across a fox in the woods. The owner of Tinni, is photographer Torgeir Berge, and has been quite intrigued with the friendship that has arisen from his dog, Tinni, and this fox. Since they have become acquainted, Torgeir has named the fox, "Sniffer."

Torgeir, being a photographer, has taken the opportunity to take many pictures of this unlikely pair socializing in the woods.

(This story was published in the UK Daily Mail Online in Dec. '13, and some really great pictures of the real life "Fox and the Hound" can be viewed here.)

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If you found a wild fox, and rescued it, would you make it your pet?

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    • zeke2100 profile image

      zeke2100 3 years ago

      Thank you, Doris. I find them to be interesting creatures, with similarities to the domesticated dog.

    • Doris Dancy profile image

      Doris H. Dancy 3 years ago from Yorktown, Virginia

      Zeke2100 ~ I thoroughly enjoyed your stories about the fox. For some reason, I have always been fascinated by them. I guess, even as a child, I heard saying and cartoon stories about their ways, and you have even substantiated some of those tales in your account here. I absolutely LOVED the video because it depicts a beautiful man/animal love for one another in a world that is filled with so much hate and destruction. Thanks for sharing such an uplifting account of life.

    • zeke2100 profile image

      zeke2100 3 years ago

      Thanks for sharing that, flyfishmaine

    • flyfishmaine profile image

      Richard Scott 3 years ago from Presque Isle, Maine

      Excellent stories. I had an injured (limping) red fox come right up to camp. I took out some partridge stew and set it on the ground. After 5 or 10 minutes she approached the pot. A few minutes later she started eating. After she was finished she moved off to the side but did not leave and I noticed, while retrieving the pot, she had picked out all of the potato and left it on the ground. She stayed for two days and ate some more but no potatoes were served.

    • profile image

      sheilamyers 3 years ago

      Thanks for sharing these stories. I love hearing about people who have an appreciation for wild animals. In your poll, I answered that wild animals should be wild, but that all depends. If I helped a fox back to health and it was never well enough to take care of itself in the wild, I'd keep it around; otherwise, I'd let it go back to it's real home.