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Double-Nosed Frillbug

Updated on September 9, 2010
Double-Nosed Frillbug, rickzimmerman 2010
Double-Nosed Frillbug, rickzimmerman 2010

Ah, the marvels of evolutionary adaptation!

Here we see the ever-so-tiny Double-Nosed Frillbug. (That’s a pollen grain this guy is perched upon!)

The DNF is a marvel of accommodation to environment and habits, for its double nose enables it to not only smell where it’s going, but also where it’s been. In this creature’s microcosmic world, where finding a mate can be an arduous journey of several months (11 feet), it helps to have redundant olfactory capability. Like many other related insects, the Frillbug uses the scent of pheromones adrift on air currents to track down a likely sexual partner (or a take-out joint to be avoided).

Fortunately for Frillbugs, aiding them in their hunt for sexual release and procreation is the fact that they are bisexual and equipped with both genders of sexual apparatus. They can thus find a mate of either gender — whichever comes first, so to speak — and be quite content.

In fact, as the DNF is not merely hermaphroditic but also onanistic, even those creatures that never encounter another Frillbug can still reach ecstasy.  (Hence the perpetually extended tongue.)


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