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Doubts about Dreams

Updated on February 21, 2018

Dreams are usually described as the exasperations of the suppressed memories in the sub conscious mind. Many more reasons are also given for dreams. In a medical journal I have read that even indigestion would cause dreams! But in almost all the religions of the world dreams are linked with some divinity. Whether dreams have divine nature or not, some times they are very strange and puzzling. I want to narrate two strange dreams I had several years back.

In my first dream , I was in front of a building which looked like a mosque. Everybody there was weeping. They were shouting "Bava Bava" A dead body was brought there and it was laid in a decorative coffin. I tried to go near the coffin and look at the body. Suddenly somebody pulled me back and I was awakened. I could not understand the dream. In the morning I completely forgot the dream and I was engaged in my routine work. When I was in my office one of my friend came to me and asked "Do you know? Manjakollai Bava expired last night"

" Manjakollai Bava? Who is he? I never heard about him."

"Hey Don't you know him? He is a Muslim saint lived at Manjakollai village and he has hundreds of followers" My friend explained.

"Is it? I never heard about him even though that village is only 15 Kms away from my native place. But last night I had a dream in which I saw some one called as Bava has been laid to rest! It might be that Bava you told. But how it is? How I have a dream of a person whom I never heard or seen in my life?"

My friend also wondered but he could not explain any thing.

In my next dream, I saw two aircrafts crashed and fell in the backyard of my neighbor's New House. The aircrafts caught fire and a thick smoke spread through out the town. People were very much terrified and were running in panic. My dream abruptly ended with that. I could not understand any thing from this dream but I thought it was all because of the air crash, I read some days back in the news papers. But the next day I was very much shocked to hear the news about the "Twin Tower "tragedy in Newyork. Is there any link between my dream and the tragedy? The New House and Newyork? I don't know.

I wont definitely claim any divine power for these dreams, but can any body scientifically explain whether the dreams are mere coincidence or something else?

Many of you might have different experiences with dreams. Why you should not share them in this platform?


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      It is an interesting subject. I am yet to learn so many things about dreams and its doubts. It is a puzzle to be undone only by experts in the field. I hope the day, packed with surprise on it, is not far off. Wait and watch

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Probably, you should visit Manjkollai Bava's shrine and look for answers.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      once i had a dream where my aunty who actually resides in dubai had given a suprise visit to chennai(my home town).the dream began like my mother went to a market to fetch some vegetables and my aunt just hugged her from back and suprised her.when i woke up from the dream and was proceeding with my routine works my mother informed that my aunt had come just shocked me.then i told my mom what i dreamt.then i learnt from her that she had been talking about my aunt's suprise visit to our house.this was just similar to my dream expcet that all these happend in my house and not the market.what i want to convey is that dreams also may be result of whats happening near us when we are asleep and our unconsious mind adding to it some creativities,atleat in my case.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      I too have a lots of doubts about dreams.It's amazing to read ur article.In kannadasan's "arthamulla indhu madam", he gave the meanings for several dreams by his experience.But those dreams are very strange.According to myself,the meanings for the dreams differs from person to person.Apart from science,there is some myth in dreams.Especially,in our religion we heard about lot of dreams in puranas.Not only in our religion but also in the life of the great julius ceaser, his wife had a bad dream before his death.In Vivekananda's

      life he had dream about his mom when she was sick.But those dreams are based on happenings that r relavent to their affectionable persons.But ur's is very mysterious.Amma also have sevaral dreams like this.I am very curious to know about such things .I want to talk about it in detail with u.

    • NOIDIAN profile image


      11 years ago

      I also read many articles about dream. All the articles revealed that only our deep thoughts  would come as a dream. But nobody explained about our dreams involving some unknown persons whom we never met or heard appear in our dreams. Only experts should answer your query.


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