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Dr. Steward HK's Black Portal 2051

Updated on June 7, 2017

Black Portal

Master Nubiposh doesn't think she'll try this portal. It's a black portal. She reads that it's known to have demons reach out at you. It's a cursed portal. Maybe that's why Wharton is such a sad place. Many people will tell you that Wharton, TX, is a haunted and cursed place. One of the places that the portal will take you is Washington D.C. Another place is Rome, Italy. Master Nubiposh receives more secret envelopes from the ZionAncientz. She must shut down portals so that no more demons can travel through them.

Certain Humans have had their brains activated.

Horsehead Nebula

The Humans' brains opened up to the Horsehead Nebula. The message in the Horsehead Nebula told them that a certain man would appear to them. What is his name?

Dr. Steward HK Lar Lover.

Anammelech is doing all he can to keep Dr. Steward HK from bringing 2 more Humans into the ZionAncientz.

Master Nubiposh thinks of an awesome plan. She puts on a silk Sardonyx Dress. She walks on the Matagorda Beach.

Crash! A ship appears from out of nowhere and just crashes. Master Nubiposh knows it is a portal traveler. She can tell by the writings and designs on the ship.

Alien Infestation

She sees a bunch of Aliens wriggling around on the ship. What!? The year is 2018.

There are over 1,000,000 Aliens on this planet. The Earth's future has grown darker.

The T stands for TIME. The time is January 2019.

Master Nubiposh finds her 11 Bachelor's. She teaches them Biblical knowledge. Her 11 Bachelor's do amazing work.

The Interracial Child shall be born sometime after January 2019. A baby that shalt be a deliverer. A baby that will grow up to be a Resolamb Master. A child that will fight Philosopher's Stone. The individual will destroy the book of alchemy.

6th Millennium or No?

The time is February 2019.

The story doesn't take place in the 6th Millennium. It's written in Code. It takes place from July 2014 all the way past 2050. There are a bunch of fake people who are pretending to be Jesus Christ. They will be shown to be false. I am the dude who plays Dr. Gurmanaffe. I am a b movie actor.

There are an evil race of Aliens who have shown up on this Earth. They walk among men and women. It is hard to detect them. The Aliens want to destroy Humans. How? Through terrorism. The Aliens demonically possess certain sickos. Those sickos then carry out acts of violence where they kill innocent people.

Sleep is Delicious

It's time for Master Nubiposh to get some sleep. She's been working really hard to stop terrorism.

2019 = a way lot of success in stopping terrorism, the most ever. Master Nubiposh will be able to arrest a bunch of terrorists without killing them. What then happens is that the public sees that she does not fight fire with fire. She is nice and she understands that the terrorists are demon possessed. She is kind to them just as Jesus Christ would want her to be. Jesus Christ does not want his Christian people to kill terrorists. He would rather that we arrest them for their heinous crimes and keep them locked up. That way, they are still alive and we don't spill their blood.

Explorers in the Mix

We are Explorers of Stopping Terrorism. We use Philanthropy. Let's face the facts. Terrorism will be stopped in the future. The Infinity Tower will continue growing. Interaction is done in Wharton, TX.

My wife is so sexay.

The Cro Magnons are controlled by the Aliens. The one eye is controlled by the Aliens. Master Nubiposh wants to know what the second part of the ancient records say. She forgives Dr. Gurmanaffe for his past mistakes.

The ZionAncientz fly around the planet. Their Spaceship is named Beast Killer. ZionAncientz wage Space War against Anammelech. Anammelech wants to destroy Humans. Master Nubiposh has another mission. Arrest Anammelech.

Training King Clad

Master Nubiposh feels it is time to train her husband, King Clad.

"King Clad, hear me out. You must focus on your psychological nature."

"Yeah, that's true."

"Know at all times where your mental state is at. Don't only keep your thoughts in your brain. Write them down. Let at least 2 other people read what you have written."

"I will do that. Then everyone can know what I'm feeling inside."

At least 2 people will agree with me. Don't focus on the negativity in the world that surrounds you. This planet is too dark. We need more light.


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