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Dr. Steward HK's Resolamb Laboratories 2046

Updated on July 15, 2017

Masters of the Froth

What all did Adino tell the one eye? Are transhumans considered human? They are difficult to destroy.

It is now your turn to Master Reso Froth. What will you write? What will you teach? Queen Nubiposh is a Reso Froth Master. She is teaching King Clad how to escape from earth.

She brings him to the sky. She then brings him to Space. She then brings him to the Moon. She makes him experience the Infinity Tower. King Clad enjoys himself.

Will anyone ever be able to defeat Prince Clad 2040: The Game? Dr. Steward HK's global mission is to transform at least 2 individuals into ZionAncientz. This is quite a grand mission, indeed.

Hyperactive Kids

There are alternate ways to teach these little hyperactive kids. You see, I'm tired of the fact that I see these spoiled little knuckleheads get more and more spoiled each year. Fidget spinners? I mean, really? What's really sad are these spineless adults that let these little farts run all over them. It's so sad to see how so many of today's parents are saps. They let their children run the household. You bet that if my wife and I have kids that them little farts ain't running ish. It makes me wonder who's running who. I admit that I am a stern teacher.

Who cares?

I know that a number of the little kids don't like me. You know what I say to that? Who cares! At the end of my teaching day, I'm getting my paycheck, baby. You bet I will kick kids out of my class who are disruptive. Why should I have to teach them if they don't want to learn? I don't. If they act up, I kick them out and send them to the office. And if they keep acting up, I send them to the alternative school for the little bad knucklehead kids. I don't play.

Teaching Games

I use games to teach these little knuckleheads. I've been an Educator for almost 20 years. Little kids learn best by playing games. The schoolbooks are really boring to them. Do you know how it was when I was a kid? We barely played any games. If the schoolbook was boring to you, you just had to tough it out. You couldn't put on your little diaper and wear panties and sissy out of doing your work. You had to put on your business face and get that stuff done. That's why I'm so rough and abrasive now. That's why I have a spine today. That's why I don't let the system run over me. That's why you're reading these words, baby.

My Prediction

I predict that most of these kids that I'm teaching today will be spineless. They will be spoiled little pushovers that will let the one eye run all over them. For years, I've tried to make my students tougher. For years, I've tried to make them stronger and make them more intelligent. I've done my part. Now, I've just pretty much given up. I pretty much just had to, though. The system that is around me doesn't support my way of teaching the material. So now, all I do is worry about collecting my beautiful paycheck. It's so nice seeing those zeros, baby!

Resolamb Laboratories

If I had my way, I'd make my own school system. It would be strict as all get out. After all, even after all the pansy things the school system I work for has done, I'm still very stern. I would call my school system Resolamb Laboratories. Maybe I can begin work on it now. Open it up in 2046. Begin making renovations in Resolamb Library.

You see, the only college that you need to attend is Resolamb Laboratories. It is a free college. That's right, you don't have to pay tuition.

The year is 2046.

A 2046 Goal

Yes, one of my additional goals will be to open up Resolamb Laboratories in 2046. That would be so cool. Only the finest of the finest can attend. I've already developed quite a bit of data concerning the 15 years old and older age group. I've seen success there. I'm kind of wondering if it's even worth my time to try to teach the 13 years old and 14 years old kids. I will be honest. For the most part, that age range gets on my nerves. I love kicking them out of the classroom.


King Clad walks through the portal in 2019. Ah! Finally! Now he is back in Katy, TX. His wife did a great job building the portal. It's a good thing she is so mechanically inclined. He loves walking on the Katy grass. He sees Dr. McGillicutty. She asks him to find a green liquid that is near a blue flag. He finds it and gives it to her. She pays him very nicely.

Debajine 2020 has tall mountains.

Brozkine 2020 contains many Canyons.

The year is 2020.

Master Nubiposh gives Queen Lorana a gift. It is a Wagofjet Machine. Queen Lorana does not agree to give her The Prepclad. Master Nubiposh is getting anxious. Master Nubiposh gives Queen Lorana stone shelves for her books. Still no go.

Alien M Wiggy is very bulky. He is trying to find Master Clad so he can arrest him. That's a very tough assignment. Everyone knows that Master Clad ain't no punk. Alien M Wiggy only works for Crone. He loves to take bribes. He is a high ranking member of the World Police. He is a Transhuman. He is also a Terrorist. He is very good at mechanics and computers.

What's so special about Katy, TX? Master Nubiposh is having a hard time understanding why Queen Lorana wants control over Katy.

Master Nubiposh is happy having her Master's in Wago Froth. Now she wants to be a Doctor of Wago Froth. She is introducing many new Wago Froth theories.


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