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Dr. Steward WH's Happy Slavery 2020

Updated on July 13, 2017

Wagofjet Gaming

Wagofjet Gaming has 2 distinct Levels.

1. Indentured Servant. I become an indentured servant to the ZionAncientz. I will be locked in temporary slavery.

2. Wago Froth Slave. I am a temporary slave. I am released from my slavery once I bring them 2 individuals worthy of becoming ZionAncientz. I must be happy with being a Slave. I must be content in being in temporary bondage to the ZionAncientz.

She gave her grenades. No go. She gives her fancy walkways and paths. Nopers. She gives her imported carpet. No thanks. She gives her imported tables. Still no go.

Regtamad Gaming

Regtamad Gaming has 1 distinct Level.

1. Pay taxes. I must pay taxes on things I bought, but that I don't really own.

Master Nubiposh's anxiety is increasing. She gives Queen Lorana imported chairs. No go. She gives her the DNA of certain individuals and genetic ladders. Nopers.

The Mark of the Beast computer gaming system is set up. The Aliens call it a day of fun on Sunday. Crone states that Funday Sunday is where everyone is invited to play computer games in the Sunday churches. People are encouraged to wear daisy dukes and dress like whores in short dresses.

Dewjarls Gaming

Dewjarls Gaming has 2 distinct Levels.

1. Sow the Land. I will sow the land. However, it will never really be mine. It's the land of the ZionAncientz.

2. Small Business. I must obey the laws of the ZionAncientz. If I open another small business, I must abide by the business regulations of the ZionAncientz.

People are encouraged to put on the VR Goggles. Also the VR Helmet. There is a game. Crone states it is a game where you, yes, even you can meet "Jesus."

CERN powers the Mark of the Beast computer gaming system. It sends the data to the servers of the Sunday churches.

Resolamb Gaming

Resolamb Gaming has 1 distinct Level.

1. 2 Individuals. I must locate the 2 individuals who will become ZionAncientz. This is a part of my Destiny. It will happen. After all of this happens, they will hook me up with a ton of moolahski.

As of right now, I am very happy with my money level. I never thought that I would be at the financial level that I am currently at. I have less than $100,000. I want to keep it that way. Now that my money level is where I want it, I will now work on my Fame level. Sure, at least 1 million people have heard of me. However, I want at least 10 million people to have heard of me. That way, I will grow in Fame.

Fame is funny.

Right now I have a small level of fame. I have a B movie level of fame. It's very awesome. I must admit. My fans are the best ever. So, my next plan is to increase my B movie level of fame. I don't ever want to become an A Lister. I'll make sure that I never go to that level. I'll intentionally stay at the B movie level.

Fame is hilarious. I see how it changes some people. It doesn't change me because I don't get a big head. Sure, I'll sign an autograph when someone asks me. However, I would really rather not do it.

Not that I'm mean

And it's not that I'm mean or something. It's just I know that I'm not any better than you. I used to have 0 fans years back. Now I have a nice number of loyal fans. It's fun to see how things have progressed. Okay, so right now I'm going to guess that my Fame level is at 5%. I'm right at 50,000 views or so. Sure, I know that I have hundreds of thousands of actual views, but I'm going to ignore those. I'm just going to focus on 50,000 to make the experience more fun.

Slave of Fame

I am not a slave to fame. I control the fame. The fame does not control me. All I have to do is make sure that I don't show my face anytime soon. I stay hidden behind the scenes because I am a true genius. Who cares if my high school buddies or chicks that had a crush on me when I was in high school know that I've got a small level of fame now? So what? Sure, I was cool in high school. Still cool now. However, I don't have anything to prove to anyone. I can stay hidden behind the scenes as my Fame continues to rise.


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