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Colors Of Dragons And Their Differences

Updated on August 26, 2017

Dragons are a popular creature in mythology, in fact they have become so popular that they appear in many games and movies a well as some television shows. The usual scene of a dragon is a large and imposing creature, four legs with two long wings, horns are a favorite among the scaled beings as well as fire breathing. But did you know there are several types of dragons?

Black Dragons: These dragons are the most vile and vicious of the hordes, they are obsessed with death and the way they look even shows it. The black dragon has somewhat of a skeletal appearance, it's skin seemingly burnt by acid and it smells of rotting flesh and vegetation. This type of dragon is not your friend, said to have a heart blacker then the color of their skin these things live in swamp like lands and have a fondness for eating nearly anything that lives in the water. They roam in the night and have a tendency to surprise attack their prey, they also like to let their victim soak in water for a few days or even weeks, maybe to get some of that good algae flavor. These dragons spit an acid like substance from their mouth, if any creature loves the smell of rotting flesh and vegetation chances are they will not be your friend.

Red Dragons: These dragons are your stereotypical money grubbing dragons, they like to spend their times eating people and sun bathing on a pile of gold. These greedy dragons like to make their homes in volcanoes, mountains or tropical islands, they like the warm weather. One of the most likely well known Red Dragon is Smaug from Lord of the Rings. These beasts have been known to make villages sacrifice a maiden, supposedly maiden meat is alot more tender. The Red Dragon has large wings and nearly as large horns, they are the more angry looking dragons out of the bunch and as the occasional dragon does the Red Dragon uses its scorching hot fire breath to burn villages to the ground. I would say try to not catch him on a bad day but nearly every day is a bad day for these beasties.

Blue Dragons: The Draconika describes the blue dragons as loving of humid and hot areas, they apparently love living in the desert which is strange because when we think of blue dragons many will probably think of aquatic dragons. The Blue Dragon is vain and lawful, while still a dragon it seems to have some morals rather then none. It likes to eat many things that it can find in the deserts or arid steppes, lizards and other critters get devoured by the Blue Dragon but they have a fondness for herd animals such as camels or donkeys. They have been said to cause quite a number of problems for caravans and other travelers who try to cross the desert, his method of attacking is basically an ambush. While it doesn't describe it well I would have to say the dragon waits for an oncoming traveler then speeds forward giving the travelers no time to react. Blue Dragons breathe lightning, which I have no idea how that works but I won't question it.

Green Dragons: Green Dragons are known to make their home in forests but like the older ones better, especially if they have really big trees. The Green Dragon is basically that little kid from high school who wasn't physically strong so he tended to make schemes and plans instead of just brawling it out. They like to live behind waterfalls or near any place with a submerged entrance. The Green Dragon is an envious creature and tries to gain power as quickly and as less effort as possible, as I said before they love to make plans and they have a thing for torturing. They are obsessed with living forever, they also like to instill fear into lesser foes before ultimately killing them. Instead of fire, lightning or acid the Green Dragon sprays a very toxic poison, since they tend to reek with the smell of chlorine this poison is said to be made with the chemical.

White Dragons: White Dragons love the cold weather so they make their homes in very icy climates, sometimes even at the top of a high mountain, they try to be as far away from the suns rays as possible. The White Dragon is very intelligent and are rather small, parts of their scales resemble that if feathers or fur, only in some areas however. They like to live alone and therefore stay away from nearly everything, the eat whatever happens to be on the mountain but like their food chilled, if a traveler hasn't frozen to death yet they will sometimes bury them in the snow. They are known to be very aware of their surroundings and will be very alert as well, luckily for you scaring one of these dragons off can be done since many are known to be cowards. They breathe a chilling air, so they come in handy if your soda has gotten too warm.


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