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Predict from ur Dreams

Updated on May 13, 2009


Dreams are the reflection of desirableness of biological mind in a subconcious way, from which the subconcious mind give happiness to the conscious instinct, a kind of fulfillment of wish, that had remain hidden for some prolonged period at some happenings.

Generally 80 percent of dreams fall into that catagory of wish fulfillment. Others are the reflexes of bodily reaction to some momentary change.

Some common prediction that you can work with your dreams.

  1. you are eating some thing delicious in ur dream---Somewhere in past you had encountered any person with a sumptuous icecream, and you turned away your mind just leaving your mouth watered due to lack of cents in purse. In your dream you are eating the same to satisfy your deprived instinct.
  2. Most common- wetdreams--You are conservative and introvert while speaking about sex, not able to deliver among friends in gestures. Ultimately your mind lead you to the visual imagery that pretends to be forgotten in a conscious state, although not vanquished from inner mental state, reflects at your privacy.
  3. kind of alter-symbolic presence- you love your wife. Razz loves your wife, for which you are ignored by your wife. In dreams you become Razz and love to your wife.
  4. Momentary deprivation- While sleeping your blanket slides away from your hand. You will dreamt about somethink pricking your hand and get awakened to get rid off that. So you will readjust well with the blanket to manage the circumstance without knowing what is happening. 
  5. U can solve Problems- In Dreams the subconcious mind works so immaculately some problems you cann't solve or some language you dont able to recite, got its path in dreams. It really speaks about the inherent strength within you, which you can do with more concentrations and hard-work.

House of Dreams

Note your Dreams

For Better prediction

The foremost analysis of the dream theory propose that,  dreams are not developed from a solid background, rather formed as a collections of subjective happenings in past, trying to accumulate an idea from shattered ends.  So the content of dream is prone to shredding within a shot interval of awakening. The best practice to memorise and analyse a dream is to note down the content on a piece of paper after getting waked.


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