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Drug Court Programs

Updated on June 10, 2013

Drug Court Programs

In this paper "Drug Court Programs," author presents the importance of these programs in relation to todays' youth and how the lack of them in the 21st Century often contribute to youth getting caught up with the wrong crowds, which can ultimately lead to drugs, criminal activity and so forth.

Drug Court Programs were introduced back in 1989 in the State of Florida. The effectiveness of drug court programs are very vital in the United States. One of these up and coming programs called “NARCONON,” a program specifically designed for high risk youth. They offer programs in communication, life skills. They’re also responsible for delivering Peer Leader Training, which provides high school students, with necessary skills to allow them to be able to counsel their peers, preventing them from engaging in drugs, and prepares them for the real world, once again. Some youth resort to drugs, because they feel it’s a solution to problems that he or she may have. This may include things such as stress at home, school, being bored or even feeling it would or could help fulfill a sense of adventure missing in their lives.

Other alternatives to incarceration have been addressed, including changing of laws that would benefit one that possesses a small amount of drugs that’s basically intended for his or her personal use, they would include civil penalties, such as a fine referrals to drug awareness programs, sponsored by a health body or organization of some sort.

As far as how I would handle this drug problem without incarceration. Well, first of all, I would assess the situation and find out why the individual(s) got involved with drugs in the first place. Were they simply a victim of their environment or somewhere where they became a casualty of cutbacks? Cutbacks as far as the closing of activity centers, planned summer programs etc.. These were actual programs that existed when I was younger, urban youths are not as fortunate to have them in place today, thus the streets become an enticing target for them.

These programs are in place, but only if you have money can you participate. If I could put something in place, I would network with people who are passionate as I am about setting up more youth activity centers, summer camps, sponsoring canoe trips, which include fishing up north etc., and also those who have the proper resources to make it happen.

Tight local budgets contributed to cutbacks of many afterschool programs, a lot of programs maintain their keep by the mixture of public funding, parental fees, support from various foundations, contributions from corporate organizations and resources that are or maybe available to them.

There seems to be a few states that are offering summer camp programs for urban kids today, NYC, Wisconsin, Baltimore, Delaware and Minnesota, these are a few that are listed or found on the website. I was able to locate some in the City of Detroit, one of which is called the “Judson Collins Center,” an Urban Youth Camp designed for young people entering grades 6-12. Sponsored by the Detroit Renaissance District of the Detroit Conference of the United Methodist Church.

There are two other leadership development programs for urban kids in the Metropolitan Detroit area, they are the Youth Leadership Institute and the Youth All-Stars Program, they provide urban kids mentoring, awareness programs, help them open up savings/checking accounts. Other programs they provide are designed to help the youth achieve goals in life.

In closing, I only wish that the inner city of Detroit, Michigan would have programs in place to keep the youngsters occupied and away from the streets where they are constantly lured with temptations, very negative in nature!


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    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 

      5 years ago from Hawaii

      I totally agree on the need for these programs, but also believe that they should take the time to have them carefully planned out so that they might actually have an effect.


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