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The Product Guide Information of Drug and Medicine in the Study of Health Economics

Updated on April 27, 2011
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

     In health economics, the drug product is part of the economic supply on the health service-oriented industry. The physicians administered the medical diagnosis of patients to find out the illness or diseases. Once the medical check up is done, the physician provides the medication as the prescription in the prevention and treatment of diseases. It is now the responsibility of the patient to buy the medicines with the corresponding price to take effect the recovery and treatment of patient.

Economic Translation of Drug

1 The establishment of drugstores to buy the prescribed medicines for the treatment and prevention of diseases.

2. The drug store section of the hospital, clinic and medical centers.

3. The payment of Physician fees and issuance of prescribed drugs that is also available in the out-patient clinic.

4. The manufacturing and production of drugs by the pharmaceutical companies.

      The physician’s prescription is the written direction for the administration of drugs that the patient can buy this drug to the pharmaceutical or drugstores. The drug has product guide information such as the generic, official, chemical and brand name.

a) Generic name is the officially approve medication.

b) Official name is the official listed pharmaceutical or drug manufacturers name which is officially registered in the Bureau of Drug and Administration.

c) Chemical name is the prescribe chemical components of the drug.

d) Brand name is the drug manufacturers or pharmaceutical companies.

     Aside from this information about the drugs, it has identified the dosage taken, active ingredients, dosage instruction ,precautions and warning, Any kind of drugs has corresponding value or price which is the main focus of Health Economics . The therapeutic actions of drugs are possible desired effects for the treatment of the disease:

  1. It cures the infection of the body( anti-bacteria)
  2. It relieves the symptoms but not cure the disease ( pain reliever)
  3. It destroys the harmful malignant cells ( cancer)
  4. It restores the energy of the body conditions ( multi-vitamins)
  5. It regulates the needed body substance ( insulin)
  6. It supports the regulation body function (calci-block)

    Once identified on the prescription of the medicine, the pharmaceutical and drugstore provides the medical supply with the different brand name. Although the medicine is taken depending on the nature of the illness. It may take in different forms for the administration of the drugs.

a. Tablets are compressed solid material with a hard small disc shape. The usual forms of the tablets are (1) soluble effervescent tablet is usually dissolves in water;(2) chewable tablet is usually breakdown when chewed and it is not swallowed as a whole; (3) sublingual tablet is place under the tongue and can easily absorbed into the blood ;(4) enteric-coated tablet has special coating that delays the released of the medicine until reaches the stomach .

b. Capsules are enclosed by soluble or gelatinous container to hold the solid dosage form of the drugs. There are gelatin capsules, single soft gelatin, slow release and enteric capsules.

c. Liquids use spoon to measure the right amount of liquid in take. Just like the syrup has aqueous solution of sugar to reduce the unpleasant taste of the drugs. That’s the reason why this oral medicine has preferred artificial flavors and colors so that infant and children could easily take the liquid.

d. Injections are administered through a syringe injected into the muscles and veins. They are usually administered when the patient is unconscious or could not take capsules or tablets.

e. Suppository are inserted into the rectum.

f. The other forms in the administration drugs may be done through aerosol spray, cream, powder, tincture, extracts, pill, elixir, liniment, ointment, paste, and transdermal patch..

     These are the form of drugs administrations that have corresponding price depending on its use and prescription. In order to understand better its function of health economics you may start finding an example of drug types, its generic name, medication and therapeutic action. You may compare the prices based on generic name and brand, therapeutic medication on particular illness or disease as preliminary exercises to analyze latter on the value of health economics.

     Finally ,this will give as an idea about the health care adherence of professional on illness or diseases to broaden your knowledge about the used of drug or medicine .You may get specific examples of health adherence intervention of a particular disease or illness of a patient and find out how much he/she spends on drugs along. This will give you an idea on the medical expenses on drugs as part of medical demand on illnesses or diseases.


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