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Dry Erase Board: Advantages And Disadvantages On The Use Of Whiteboard

Updated on June 14, 2010

Technology has paved the way for classrooms and conference halls to say goodbye to the blackboards and chalkboards. Thanks to dry erase boards, lessons, meetings and discussions are more fun and enjoyable. It seems that there are more advantages than disadvantages for using these types of boards and markers.

Are you wondering what a dry-erase board looks like? You may have already seen it, although you probably didn't know that it is called what it is today. Other familiar terms or synonyms are whiteboard, wipeboard or marker board.

Whiteboards or dry erase marker boards were said to start being introduced in the market during the 1990s. It is interesting to note that the primary reason for such piece of board to have a warm reception to customers is because the use of chalks are not generally recommended because of their asthma-causing properties.

The Advantages:

  1. Unlike blackboards (or green boards), whiteboards really look better when used in schools and offices.
  2. What you have written from a whiteboard can be easily erased. Just do not forget to use the prescribed dry erase whiteboard marker. It's also easy to wipe the writings off even with a tissue or a cloth. (Giveaway tip: You can also pour some alcohol on the tissue or cloth to wipe off with even cleaner results.)
  3. A dry erase marker board would really make an excellent visual aid. One can even use different colors of markers for better visibility and attention. These dry-erase markers are refillable, by the way.
  4. This marker board can also be used as an excellent screen if you want to do a formal presentation via projector.

The Disadvantages:

  1. The dry erase marker board and marker are usually more expensive than chalkboards and chalks; but with all the benefits from using them, it may well be worth it, anyway.
  2. They say other people find it hard to read from the writings coming from its own marker.
  3. When you have to do a refill, you need to be more careful about being messy. Anyhow, we need not let it worry us so if it can easily erased, anyway.

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    • Trinsick profile image

      Trinsick 7 years ago from Cali

      I have to have a white board when I'm at work, for ideas or just to get ideas started.