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Duality, The force of love and fear. 2012 A new age of knowledge of universal truth

Updated on June 21, 2012

Duality of Light & Dark, Love & Fear.

This is my personal thoughts and opinions of my quest for answers about the way modern humans live there life.

We all share the same driving force, the need for ENERGY.

There are many forms and ways of gaining this energy, the main way Modern humans gain this high energy force is through love and attention of each other and life, the secondary way is through the foods we consume.

When we look at love we unconsciously bring its dual force fear into the picture as they coexist together.

The problem as we do this we see one as good and one as bad, we see difference and try to ignore the fear love brings with it.

Love and Fear do share something in common, that is they are both illusions of the mind, they are man made vibrations which come from the masculine side of the brain as do nearly all other duality forces which fit underneath them.

There is only one true and pure duality force which is internal and runs through the body which gives us energy, that is positive light & negative dark. These energy's cycle input are in the form of a continual wave, the same as the galaxy's in a figure of eight pattern which over laps. It is the universal energy which feeds all life. The flow of the universe runs + - + - + - + - + - in a wave of up and down energy.

Love & fear are just our attempts at giving a name for the feelings of the wave form of positive & negative vibrations. By trying to separate one from the other we have caused a great fear inside our souls, the fear of not being loved, not gaining our energy, which is ultimately just one side of a dual input. We need both currents of vibration for this, love & fear are secondary and cause unbalance, love is a vibration for the feeling we get from being light as we climb the wave. The feeling we call fear is as we descend back into the darkness at the bottom of the wave.

The More humans crave and deal in love, the more unbalanced we become as we then tilt the force of light and dark which should always remain in balance as they are equal forces which the universe needs to create life. We need to stop worshipping love and focus on the one true dual energy wave.

Our mind & body have become polluted and darkened, with this new age approaching we need to build as much light in our body to pass through the trials and turbulation of the times ahead. We need to do this by consuming and storing as much light filled products, be that from fruit/veg which has been grown in the light, water which has been left in sunlight for a day in clear glass, sun bathing when its warm enough or behind our windows if cold at any chance given, solar gazing (learn fully about this before you attempt) you can also gain this energy from paying attention to plants and nature. Love is when we give this energy away, to grow and keep ourselves safe we need to learn to do this only when truly needed. We need to be in a relationship with a partner which feeds on the energy of light, if not it will result in a battle for attention, attention is the energy of love. There are times when love is shared equally, like during mating if done attentively for equal upliftment, but you should try and follow the rules of karma sultra as to climax is to release the energy into the universe and you will lose light. We can also share love when we are balanced in our male & female quality's.

The body is just a large rechargeable battery which feeds on light, or for most other peoples love. Love is the phrase we use to describe the feeling of light entering our body from the attention of another light being human or outside source. All life searches for a strong dominant light filled partner which will feed them there stored energy of light and produce stronger siblings. Few couples are of equal energy and when they are can share this energy for a great length of time, usually they have already been in a unbalanced relationship and learn't the hard way. If the energy of a dominant partner is burnt up the weaker can turn to searching else where for the attention. Most conflict happens when love is taken without permission, as people need all the love they can get in these times.

Love is the word we use for our stored energy of light, this stored energy can be used to heal, but be aware when we heal with love we can also gain the fear or negative energy which we are trying to release from others. We still need love & fear as they both serve us well when needed, its the light which feeds us energy which we store as what we call love or chi and plenty of other names.

Where humans have gone wrong is by putting love as the first and highest force of energy, which is causing great unbalance and unease onto the planet and ourselves. There is only one true source of energy in the universe and that is Light, which needs its balanced partner to exist, Dark,. We need to stop feeding from other peoples internally stored energy of love and gain our own energy direct from its greatest source, the sun and the stars. LIGHT.

You can easily fear the things you feel you love, the partner when there low on positive energy, the house when it falls in price, the car when it needs repairs or money when you are in debt. The one thing in duality which will not cause you fear is being in the darkness when you have the light. Light & dark are the only force which will never mix as they just take equal turns and respect the need for eachother. Once you are fully charged with light you will always be light, as it is eternal.

If we did not have the dark we would never have dreams and we would never evolve into the light.

Hope you enjoyed my thoughts. I wish you a safe journey into the light. xxx


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    • profile image

      bob 5 years ago

      all good stuff

    • profile image

      charlie 6 years ago

      Nice. I was actually looking for new ways to raise my vibrations. If only news sites would run an article on this instead of the normal crap they run, we might actually have a chance at surviving whatever happens in 2012. There’s actually some good articles about how the amount of fear, hate and anxiety on the planet is not only way below what it should be, but at an all time high on if anyone wants to read more about why we won’t be able to get out of the “3rd density” that we’re currently stuck in.