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Dynamic Architecture

Updated on August 15, 2011

The Big Plan

David Fischer came up with a seemingly revolutionary idea in 2004, skyscrapers with rotating levels that could generate energy.  Not only are these towers able to create enough energy to run themselves but they are considered to be "energy+" meaning that they create more energy than they need.  In 2008 the first of these "Dynamic" towers was to be built in Dubai, this was the Da Vinci Tower. Originally predicted to be finished in 2010, the tower has yet to begin construction.

The Architect

David Fischer graduated from the School of Architecture in Florence, upon graduation he continued to teach at the same university.  Initially Fischer began his career by designing residential buildings and schools But in 2004 the idea of Dynamic Architecture started to catch on.

Fischer's inspirations include Brunelleschi, and Leonardo Da Vinci.  Brunelleschi because, he successfully built the largest dome of his time by implementing revolutionary construction methods, and Da Vinci because he had a wide variety of inventions that were beyond his time.

In 2008 when Fischer's firm announced that they were building the "Da Vinci" tower in Dubai, Fischer won a number of awards and was mentioned world wide in the news.  Awards include the "Architect of The Year," a hospitality award, and CONFAPI's prize for innovation.  He was also mentioned in Time Magazine's article over the "Best Inventions of The Year."  Unfortunately we haven't heard much since then.

The Building Process

The first part of the tower to be constructed on site is the concrete core, this design with the central core gives the building a high seismic resistance.  The majority of the tower is planned to be prefabricated, this cuts the amount of construction workers need down from around 2,000 people to about 700.  Once the prefabricated living / office modules are complete they are lifted and attached to the concrete core.  These modules come complete with everything from air-conditioning to plumbing installed.

But how does the building generate power?  Between each level is a 2 ft gap where horizontal wind turbines are attached, and on top of each roof there are several solar panels.  This is how "Dynamic" towers become energy+ buildings and are predicted to successfully be able to power up to 5 buildings similar in size.

The Da Vinci Tower

This is the tower that theoretically should have been completed a year ago in Dubai.  The tower is planned to have 80 floors, 79 wind turbines, and offer each guest a unique viewing experience.  Each level will rotate at a maximum speed of 20 ft/ minute and each floor's controls are voice activated.  Plumbing is achieved by technology similar to that used to refuel airplanes in mid-flight.  According to Fischer you can expect to pay anywhere between 3 and 30 million dollars for an apartment in this building.


I got most of my information from wikipedia and interviews. Also Dynamic Architecture's web page :


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