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EFB Palm Briquette

Updated on March 10, 2013

25mm EFB Briquette

25mm EFB Briquette
25mm EFB Briquette | Source

25mm EFB Briquette

DST is dedicated towards making a great contribution in the renewable energy segment in Malaysia. Our aim is to offer more alternatives to the local as well as international market regarding biomass energy resources. We are seriously engaged in the supply of saw dust pellet, EFB pellet & biomass palm briquette. Moreover, we put an extra effort in getting familiar with the client’s needs so that we can provide more range and variety of biomass products to the market. Our recent addition to the biomass energy resources is the 25mm diameter of EFB briquette.

EFB briquette- The New Revolutionary Product

Briquette refers to a biomass commodity that has a bigger diameter and the pellet refers to a smaller variety that comes with a 10mm diameter or less.

Large EFB Palm Briquette. This original palm briquette is manufactured into a 70 to 80mm diameter. With our experience and practical applications we observed that most of the briquettes get wasted due to incomplete combustion in a biomass chamber.

Hollow Type EFB Palm Briquette. The inner part is generally dense and is pretty hard to combust due to inadequate flow of air. Therefore to make this situation better, the pressed machine was completely re-designed and the briquette now features a hollow ID. In fact the hollow type of EFB briquette is of a great help in improving combustion.

EFB palm briquette with a smaller size. The 25mm diameter briquette is one of the smaller varieties of briquette. The length of EFB palm fibrewas thoroughly studied and planned before finalizing the 25mm diameter. . The 25mm EFB palm briquette is in fact the finest briquetting process that is able to sustain a smoother briquetting process.

Why to choose 25mm EFB Briquette?

The 25mm EFB briquette has been developed keeping few objectives in mind:

Appropriate for most of the biomass input grating system. Smaller varieties of briquette are more tolerant in terms of biomass boiler input grate system. In fact the majority of industrial biomass boilers are capable of adapting themselves to this new size.

Simply the best in briquetting process. The 25mm is a balance between the user & manufacturer. Through shredded process the dry EFB fiber could be pushed into the EFB briquette.

Preserves Energy in the process of combustion. At the time of combustion process the briquette retains heat and allows full combustion, therefore minimizing the waste of incomplete briquette.

Who all can use 25mm EFB Briquette?

EFB briquette or palm briquette is in fact a good source of energy for biomass power plant. Those biomass plants that have been using bigger briquette are capable of easily adapting into a 25mm diameter EFB briquette and that too without the need of bringing any major change in the process.

Biomass boiler that has been using shredded EFB fiber, palm kernel shell or pellet is best suited for this variety of EFB briquette.

If you have any queries regarding 25mm diameter EFB briquette, please feel free to contact us.

Shredded EFB Fibre

The Raw Material of EFB Briquette
The Raw Material of EFB Briquette | Source


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