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Inexhaustible Artistic Sexual Pursuit

Updated on October 17, 2010
Nurturing the Art Spirit
Nurturing the Art Spirit

Mode of Cosmic Therapy: An Esoteric Quick Art Doodle Test

So, you think you’re ready to discover, unravel, reveal and bring into verifiable existence your sexual artistic talent? Before you begin this soul altering perilous journey, you are forewarned: "Obedience is greater than sacrifice."

(Obedience to learning yourself and your undobounded limits) Although the term “learning’ will be referred to, the appropriate word is “remembering.” You will remember and be able to access and produce every level of art/music/drama held within.

 "...the spirit will bring all things to your remembrance" IF, you are obedient to your cause!

Learn {by doing 'you' to the fullest} how to remove preference and prejudice in order to set free that which is binding the sacred creative force in you. As long as you cling to the familiar and accustomed way of doing things, you will remain stifled and unproductive.

Because of self-defeating restricted limits you’ve placed upon yourself through these analytic habits and predetermined desires, you are incapable of releasing the ‘song of your soul’ melodiously. Sensuality requires of you to take unexamined risks.

The unveiled art/music of your own distinct beautiful expression/sound can not be heard, recognized or released until you are willing, able and ready to “nip in the bud” your caustic, pessimistic, doubtful attitude.

The act of elimination will require of you to release ‘that’ part of yourself which insists upon judging, categorizing and labeling various components of your life into area of good, bad and acceptable/unacceptable. Get rid of the tendency to pick apart what you perceive as negative or positive. {Either one reflects the same stale frame of mind}

You are to stand unencumbered without the bias, predisposition, and/or favored partiality you may have accumulated in this earth walk.

You are to replace these self-destructive tendencies with the guileless position of ‘not having a clue’ as to what anything means when it shows up in your face. You are to become acutely aware when sexual feelings begin to stir. These tendencies are your guiding receptors in/of artistic merited guidance. Don't shy away from them. They are real and accountable.

Stop yourself from automatically responding in familiar ways of discredit, dissemination and discord. Instead of adding your ‘two cents worth’ in on the matter at hand, either remain silent or respond totally opposite from what you would normally say/do.

 No matter how uncomfortable you feel or how antsy your personality wants to push to defend its position, move through this awkward stage without as much as a hair being raised on your arm. Never, ever try to control or dominate the outcome of a situation.Flow freely into the river of disguised art forms presented.

No use trying to hold onto even a second’s worth of understanding. Looking backward will cause you to run into the wall every time. Neither are to pull from previous experiences. They are all dried up in a pool of ‘null and void’ clay. Nothing but left over processed soggy emotional material is coming from you at this time which can not be relied upon. You are out of your league in the current circumstance, and are in need of opening the release valve of your highest creative colorful expression. 

 “All is well that ends well.” {so they say} But, sometimes ending well can not be determined by you. Move along.

Get with the current program. You are seeing something you don't necessarily want to view. But, it will free you IF you hold onto the vision of red roses budding!


Stop balking. Either give up your boisterous ways or stand forever frozen in a spot of your own self-determined–willful-hedonistic-high minded-resentful attitudes whereby you are mocked a 1000 times over in repeated delays, humiliation and deprivation.

You are remembering how to exhaust all personal emotional dramas which have become your buffeting support. What you say and what you do is no longer entertaining, clever or inventive.

You are boringly trivial! You must give up the resolved demeanor of ‘holding everything together’. It’s a genuinely false premise that no longer serves any real purpose other than to prop up your superiorly vexed manner. The consequences of your refusing to turn over the self-righteous banner will come swift and severe.

Every over exaggerated action ends in non productivity. You are not standing so tall and secure that one good rapid wind may flatten you like a newly paved road. The form of who you think you are is being impetuously ripped asunder.

 The uninitiated artist within you beckons your soul to bow willingly naked, to the apparent contradictions in your present life. Every single aspect is being dissolved so that you may have an intravenous glimpse of what lies behind it. Stop trying to push a rope.

The many faces of intimate fraud are being exposed. What you thought was one thing is in fact altogether different. Set the armies marching against the elaborately disguised self-sabotaging mechanisms you contrive to halt your progress.

Unless you institute the grave effort needed to abandon your tightly held coveted ideas and ways, you will remain unaware and paralyzed in your present perplexing state of crisscrossed cycles. This exhausting apex becomes a life and death struggle for you to release any personal power you think you have. Let it fizz out.

The sound of one’s own sensual music has the authority to penetrate and destroy false notions and presuppositions. If the truth be known, musical resonance is designed to break down and eliminate all old, depleted and non-useful cells in one’s body. They are shaken loose to be furled and flung into oblivion.

Nothing remains the same. All is expendable. The universe does not care whether your personal excuse is of laziness, arrogance or stubbornness. You will be forced to give up your idolized preferences if you do evolve.Bitter as vinegar, you will be IF you don't come to soome sort of resolve.

No longer able to cling to your precious opinions or narrow-mindedness. You are plucked clean like a hen in preparation prior to being boiled in the pot. You are currently in the ‘change of seasons’ period of your existence. Your rancid plumed habits of ‘hackled shame’ are devoured never to be remembered any more.

You are learning to accept without reservation that what you are currently seeing is a deformed lie brought about by your own distorted self-projected colors and dimensions of self-aggrandizement. The true artist knows what is seen is illusionary. It's not real, folks. It’s what’s behind the picture that tells the real story.

Show up for the harrowing artistic wave with voice, brush, chisel, or instrument in hand.

Choose 0ne of the following in each line,

write it down on a piece of paper:

Blue Yellow Red Pink Purple

One Three Five Seven Nine

Car Truck Boat Train Plane

Radish Beet Carrot Onion Lettuce

Point Line Square Circle Sphere

Rain Shine Snow Breeze Autumn

Happy Sad Mad Scared Excited

Poppy Rose Violet Daffodil Ivy

Now, while you are in a relaxed mood, using the phone, just surfing on the computer, or in any other unhurried frame of mind, doodle a

Let it be your ‘unwinding’ art project. IF you don’t have a preconceived or preferred idea in mind, {when you start} You WILL surprise and discover a wee bit of the fantastic ‘song’ hidden therein. It’ll be fun to see for yourself by what turns out. Art and Music are the keys that unlock untold treasure.

But, you can not maintain a critical tone or condemning opinion in the process, OK? Let it go and flow INTO THE ARTISTIC music of your soul. Be ruthless. Have a ball! I do.

If you are so inclined choose a book: any book you find near to you. Look on page 67 and go 11 lines down. Read the sentence aloud. Above all: do NOT try to inteerpret what you read. IT will clearly reveal its pertinent message over the next few days.

If there are no lines or under 11, on the page: your life is actually presenting to you a blank canvas to paint what you will. Now is that time to draw the line. Or, you could stay stuck and mad. It's entirely up to you

Those that seek shall find
Those that seek shall find


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