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ESL Online Schools – What You Need to Know

Updated on September 23, 2012
There are plenty of benefits in enrolling in English as Second Language schools - convenience, affordable price, and high quality of education.
There are plenty of benefits in enrolling in English as Second Language schools - convenience, affordable price, and high quality of education. | Source

Convenience of Enrolling in ESL Online Schools

ESL online schools or English as a second language online schools help non-native English learners to study the language through the internet.

These schools offer convenience.

  • Because ESL online schools are based on the internet, then students can study at home, office, school, or wherever there is internet connection.
  • Students do not need to go to classrooms just to study.
  • ESL online schools allow students to save time and use this time doing other tasks.
  • For those who work full-time, they do not need to leave the office early or miss important meetings.
  • For those who stay at home, they do not need to miss gatherings or leave the house.
  • For those who study at school, they do not need to go to an ESL classroom that may be far away.

Indeed, convenience is one of the main offerings of ESL online schools.

Students Decide When to Study

ESL online schools give students the power to decide when and when not to have lessons.

  • They allow students to select what day and time to study.
  • The power to decide allows students to arrange their schedules freely.
  • Those who have plenty of time can schedule learning sessions in advance.
  • Those who just learned that they would have some free time can quickly book sessions for their desired date.
  • Those who have little time can take sessions for a few minutes.
  • Those who have no time can cancel or reschedule sessions.
  • Online English tutors do not scold students for missing, cancelling, re-scheduling or taking the sessions late.
  • Tutors understand that students have the power to decide when and when not to study in ESL online schools.

Low Costs

The fees of ESL online schools are usually much lower than traditional schools.

  • This is because ESL online schools have low operating costs. They pass on their operational savings to students in the form of low tuition fees.
  • ESL online schools do not pay teachers to go to school.Instead, teachers and students discuss online.
  • They do not rent classroom spaces. The internet is the classroom.
  • They do not give out printed materials like notes, lectures, and assignments. All study materials can be accessed on the internet.

The low costs of ESL online schools do not mean that they offer low quality of education.

Most ESL online schools have professionally prepared educational materials.

Many tutors are well-qualified to teach.

Convenient and flexible, ESL online schools are also high-quality.

All Kinds of Tutorials

ESL online schools offer a wide variety of tutorials in English.

  • These tutorials may include grammar, conversations, vocabulary, sentence construction, picture descriptions, business English, TOEIC, TOEFL, article discussions, as well as question and answers.
  • Generally, these help learners develop their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills for the English language.

Lesson materials are made according to the different skills of learners enrolled in ESL online schools.

They are divided into levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and masters.

  • Beginner levels teach the basics of English.
  • Intermediate levels teach learners the rules of English.
  • Advanced levels teach learners practical applications of the language.
  • Masters levels enhance the already good English skills of learners.

The educational materials may be given to students ahead of the lessons so students can prepare.

Students can access, download or purchase the educational materials online or from the ESL online schools.

Great Tutors

Most ESL online schools have a good selection of great ESL teachers.

  • Many of these teachers are certified to teach English as a foreign language.
  • Some have earned English degrees in universities.
  • Still others received English education for more than 12 years, giving them practical abilities to teach the language.
  • Tutor applicants at ESL online schools are screened for their abilities to explain English rules, words, expressions, and sentences before being accepted as tutors.
  • Once accepted, they are continually reminded to be patient and supportive of their students.

ESL online schools monitor the performances of their tutors through customer feedback.

Learners can grade their tutors according to abilities, attitude, passion for teaching, sound quality, and even stability of internet connection.

Tutors use the feedback grades to help themselves improve.

The benefits of ESL online schools are plenty.

They allow students to master English at the convenience of their place, by following their own time, and paying reasonable rates for learning.

Because of these benefits, ESL online schools are here to stay.

Copyright © 2011 Kerlyn Bautista

All Rights Reserved


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    • Brett.Tesol profile image

      Brett Caulton 

      7 years ago from Asia

      Great Hub for wannabe TEFLers.

      Online schools can be excellent! So far I have only had good experiences ... but, this is also because I do my research first. Make sure to 'Google' the school and read reviews, as there are a lot with fake/no accreditation and poor service.

      That said, even a simple TEFL certificate can often land a job in this industry, but a good certificate can mean the difference of having a range of jobs to choose from!


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