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Teaching Phrasal Verbs with 'Get'

Updated on March 31, 2015

Teaching Phrasal Verbs with 'Get'

'Get away'
'Get away' | Source

The Dreaded Phrasal Verb!

It's difficult to understand what phrasal verbs mean from their individual parts, but because native speakers use them more than the Latin equivalent it is extremely important that your learners know as many as possible.

This teaching activity will help your students become familiar with the more important 'Get' phrasal verbs. It contains a matching exercise, a gap fill, a true or false section and a speaking activity. Answers at the bottom.

  • Warm Up

Brainstorm with the class how many phrasal verbs with 'Get' they can think of.

Matching Exercise

1. Get rid of something/someone
Have a good relationship with someone.
2. Get over someone/something
Finally find time to do something.
3. Get together
Become serious about something.
4. Get down to something
Make someone understand something.
5. Get along/on with someone
Meet someone socially.
6. Get round to something
Recover from an illness or a relationship.
7. Get away with something
To dispose of something/someone.
8. Get away
To do something wrong without any punishment or suffering.
9. Get into something
To go on holiday.
10. Get ahead
To do something
11. Get up to something
Become interested in something.
12. Get something across
To make progress or be successful.
Match the phrasal verbs with the definitions

Gap Fill

Now it's time to practise! Insert the correct phrasal verb in the correct form.

  1. It took him a long time to ___________ the break-up with his girlfriend. They were together for 7 years and it ended badly.
  2. I tried to _____________ my point that the advertising campaign will cost us too much, but none of my colleagues seem to be listening.
  3. If we work this weekend, we'll ___________ of the other teams. I know we can succeed!
  4. When will you __________ to finishing the garden wall? It looks awful and you've been talking about fixing it for months.
  5. That's my cousin Pete in the photo. We don't ____________ each other because our personalities are too different.
  6. I really must __________ of that old sofa. It's covered in cat hairs and the colours are all faded.
  7. Okay, we're been delaying this all week now. We really need to _____________ business and finish this report for the boss.
  8. Why don't we ___________ later tonight? We could go for a slice of pizza and a drink.
  9. My parents are always talking about ____________, but because they are self-employed they never have time to take a holiday.
  10. How was Australia? What did you _____________ while you were there?
  11. Those politicians are always lying, cheating and stealing. I'm glad to see that one of them was caught thieving. He won't ______________ it this time.
  12. You like scuba diving? Me too. When did you start ___________ it?

'Get on well with'
'Get on well with' | Source

True or False

Decide if the phrasal verb is true or false. Correct the ones that are false.

  1. He studied Mandarin Chinese for the first year in university, but didn't really get into it. He's now teaching English in China.
  2. To get ahead in this business, you have to be ruthless.
  3. I really need to get on with. I'm working a 60 hour week and I really need a break. I'm thinking of going to Thailand to just lie on a beach and relax.
  4. You should get rid off that old shirt. It must be 30 years old.
  5. My whole family had that awful flu last week – sweating, shivering and vomiting. We are still getting over it.
  6. Let's get on for lunch this week in that new restaurant?
  7. I don't know how you always get over arriving late to work, but the manager never seems to say anything to you.
  8. Did you get round to emailing those staff memos? Remember? I asked you to do it last week.
  9. I had a swim to freshen up my mind and a nice meal. When I finish this coffee I'm going to get away with finishing this presentation. It might take me all evening, but I should finish it by tonight.
  10. I met her in college and we immediately got along. We've been together ever since.
  11. When working with disadvantaged youths, we try to get across the dangers of drink and drugs by bringing ex-addicts to the sessions and telling them their personal stories.
  12. How was the weekend? What did you get together?

Speaking Activity

  1. Did a family member ever get rid of something of yours without asking you first? What happened?
  2. Did you ever find it difficult to get into a sport or a hobby that was popular with your peers? Describe what you did.
  3. Are you competitive? Do you like to get ahead of your colleagues at school or work?
  4. When was the last time you got away? Where did you go?
  5. Does it take you a long time to get over an illness? Describe the last time you were sick.
  6. Who did you last get together with? Where did you go?
  7. Did you ever get away with something at home/work/school? What happened?
  8. Did you ever start a job or project and never got round to finishing it?
  9. Do you ever find that if you have a lot of work, you simply can't get down to it? Or are you able to cope with stress well?
  10. Who do you least/most get on with at home/work/school?
  11. Do you find it difficult to get your point across to certain people? Describe them.
  12. What did you get up to during your summer holidays?

What did you get up to without me?
What did you get up to without me? | Source


Matching Exercise

  1. Get rid of something/someone-To dispose of something/someone.

  2. Get over someone/something-Recover from an illness or a relationship.

  3. Get together-Meet someone socially.

  4. Get down to something- Become serious about something.

  5. Get along/on with someone-Have a good relationship with someone.

  6. Get round to something-Finally find time to do something.

  7. Get away with something-To do something wrong without any punishment or suffering.

  8. Get away -To go on holiday.

  9. Get into something-Become interested in something.

  10. Get ahead-To make progress or be successful.

  11. Get something across-Make someone understand something.

  12. Get up to something -To do something

Gap Fill

  1. get over

  2. get across

  3. get ahead

  4. get round

  5. get on with

  6. get rid

  7. get down to

  8. get together

  9. getting away

  10. get up to

  11. get away with

  12. getting into

True or False

  1. True – get into it.

  2. True - get ahead.

  3. False – get away.

  4. False – get rid of.

  5. True – getting over it.

  6. False – get together.

  7. False – get away with.

  8. True – get round to.

  9. False – get down to

  10. True – got along.

  11. True – get across.

  12. False – get up to.


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