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ESL Phrasal Verb Activity with 'Take'

Updated on June 9, 2015

ESL Phrasal Verb Activity Contents

  • Matching Activity
  • Gap Fill
  • Discussion Questions
  • Alternative Meanings
  • Discussion
  • Answers

Level: Intermediate and upper-intermediate

Time: 60 minutes

ESL Phrasal Verb Activity with 'Take'


Phrasal Verb Match

Take after someone
Resemble someone, usually family
Take something up
To write something down
Take somebody in
To employ someone
Take something back
To disassemble something
Take over something
To treat someone badly because you are upset
Take something apart
To bring someone out and pay for them
Take off
To admit something you did/said was wrong
Take someone on
To start something new
Take something out on someone
To show or help someone understand something
Take somebody through something
To depart in an aeroplane
Take something down
Take control of something
Take someone out
To let someone stay at your house
Matching the phrasal verbs with the definitions.

Gap Fill

Put the correct phrasal verb in the correct form into the space.

  1. Where did he _______ you ____ on your first date?
  2. Hi Cathy! We are nearly at your house. Which number is it? I forgot to _______ ______ the full address when you phoned.
  3. She really _______ ______ her mother. They have wonderful singing voices.
  4. I thought it was unusual that he'd ________ ____ sky diving at his age.
  5. I really don't think you should _______ that computer _______. You won't remember where all the pieces go.
  6. That homeless shelter only _______ people ____ at night – they have to leave during the day.
  7. I wish I could ________ ______ what I said. I'm really sorry and I know it was hurtful.
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Prepare for _______ ______ in ten minutes.
  9. The baby needs her nappy changed. Shall I _______ ______ making the dinner for you?
  10. My supervisor _______ _____ a new bartender for the Christmas period, but he didn't show up for half the shifts.
  11. Jack didn't get the job. He's really angry and upset, so he's been _______ it ____ _____ me all day.
  12. Since it's your first day on the job, I need to ______ you _______ the different ways we can access the system.

Discussion Questions

  1. Who do you take after in your family?
  2. What hobby have you taken up recently or what hobby would you like to take up?
  3. Have you ever taken in a stray animal?
  4. Have you ever taken back something you've said because you felt guilty?
  5. Have you ever offered to take over doing something at work or at home?
  6. Have you ever taken something apart? Why? What happened?
  7. Do you normally enjoy the take off on a flight?
  8. If you were the boss of a company what kind of employee would you take on?
  9. Have you ever taken something out on someone? Why?
  10. Have you ever taken someone through a new project or task at school/work? How did it go?
  11. What was the last thing you took down at work/school? Was it boring or interesting?
  12. When was the last time someone took you out? Where did you go?

Alternative Meanings

Often phrasal verbs can have 2 meanings. Choose the correct meanings from the list, then make sentences using these phrasal verbs.

To take up

  • To fill an amount of space or time.
  • To remove something from someone.

To take something back

  • To return to where you were born.
  • To bring something back to the shop because of a defect.

To take something in

  • To witness something.
  • To understand something.

To take off

  • To feel badly about something.
  • To become successful.

To take out

  • To kill someone.
  • To be delighted about something.


  1. What takes up most of your time in the evenings?
  2. Have you ever taken something back to a shop because of a defect? Describe what happened?
  3. Is it difficult for you to take in something new at work or in school?
  4. Can you name any products that have taken off recently that you would like to buy?
  5. Have you watched a murder mystery lately? Describe the reasons why the murderer takes out his victim?

Answers to Phrasal Verb Match

  1. Take someone out- To bring someone out and pay for them.

  2. Take something down - To write something down.

  3. Take somebody through something- To show or help someone understand something.

  4. Take something out on someone - To treat someone badly because you are upset.

  5. Take someone on - To employ someone.

  6. Take off-To depart in an aeroplane.

  7. Take something apart - To disassemble something.

  8. Take over something-Take control of something.

  9. Take something back - To admit something you did/said was wrong.

  10. Take somebody in-To let someone stay at your house.

  11. Take something up-To start something new.

  12. Take after someone - Resemble someone, usually family.

    Answers to Gap Fill

    1. take you out

    2. take down

    3. takes after

    4. taken up

    5. take that computer apart

    6. takes in people

    7. take back

    8. take off

    9. take over

    10. took on

© 2015 Muttface


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