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ESL - Computer Technology Vocabulary Worksheet for Intermediates

Updated on May 14, 2015

ESL - Computer Technology Vocabulary Worksheet for Intermediates


Vocabulary Match


Matching Exercise

Match the definitions to the vocabulary in the box.

  1. This is a programme. You use them with mobile devices.

  2. ‘Cash for the internet’ - It is a digital currency.

  3. The programme you use to search for and view internet pages, e.g. Firefox and Internet Explorer.

  4. Things you plug into the computer such as monitors, projectors, printers, memory sticks, mouse, joysticks, and keyboards. Or tablets, i-Pads or mobile phones.

  5. To open a file with a mouse.

  6. Copying a file from the internet unto your computer.

  7. Copying a file from your computer unto a network.

  8. Security system on your computer that prevents another computer from accessing it.

  9. The hard or physical parts of the computer such as the keyboard, monitor...etc.

  10. Hypertext Markup Language. One of the languages used to create web pages.

  11. Images on your computer that categorise or identify the different types of files or programmes.

  12. Short for malicious software. It was created to damage a system.

  13. Sending an email to someone claiming to be from a company or bank...etc. The email asks for personal details such as date of birth, credit card numbers, bank details, passwords...etc.

  14. Taking a picture of yourself to put on social networking sites.

  15. Programmes/applications your computer uses. Examples include Microsoft Word, Dreamweaver, Sage...etc.

  16. A machine that takes an image of something and sends the exact information to the computer.

  17. Electronic junk mail or unsolicited communication.

  18. A piece of code that is placed on your computer without your knowledge or consent. It can disrupt your system and damage your computer.

  19. Wireless networking technology that allows you to go online without connecting to cables.

  20. World wide web

Gap Fill

Use the correct word from the list above to fill in the gaps. You may have to change its form.

  1. My ___________ filter is not working. I keep on getting loads of emails asking me to buy rubbish products.

  2. What’s the web address? It’s _________

  3. _____________ movies from sites like PirateBay is illegal.

  4. If Internet Explorer doesn’t work, try a different _____________.

  5. My computer is really slow and it freezes all the time. I think it has a __________.

  6. I’m just going to __________ these photos unto my Facebook page.

  7. Click on the ___________ and the programme should open.

  8. This café has free _________ so we can surf and have breakfast at the same time.

  9. I’m going to buy a ticket online. Can I use __________ to pay for it?

  10. She’s always taking ___________ of herself. She’s so vain.

ESL Speaking Activity

Pair Work - Ask your partner these questions:

Student A

  1. Describe how your life would be without the use of the internet?

  2. How is your childhood different to that of your parents regarding technology?

  3. How many hours a day do you spend on your phone?

  4. Describe some disadvantages of technology?

  5. Name one piece of technology you could not live without?

  6. If text messaging didn’t exist, how would you arrange to meet your friends for a meal? What if the restaurant had shut down after making the plans?

  7. If you had to buy a gadget for someone who was not very techno savvy, what would you get them and why?

  8. Have you heard of any new technology that might help developing nations?

  9. If you could buy something right now, what would it be?

  10. Name one piece of technology you take for granted?

Student B

  1. What gadget do you want most at the moment? Why?

  2. Should students be allowed to use phones in class?

  3. Describe some benefits of technology?

  4. What is your favourite app? Describe what it does?

  5. How long do you spend online?

  6. Have you heard of any instances of cyber bullying?

  7. How do you think you would cope without email?

  8. If the world as we know it collapsed tomorrow, what piece of technology would you reach for first?

  9. Have you heard of any phone apps that could help humans detect illness?

  10. Do you think it would be difficult for you to live without technology?

Answers to Worksheet


Answers to Matching Exercise

1. App 2. Bitcoin 3. Browser 4. Click 5. Devices 6. Download 7. Upload 8. Firewall 9. Hardware 10. HTML 11. Icon 12.Malware 13. Phishing 14. Selfie 15. Software 16. Scanner 17. Spam 18.Virus 19.Wi-Fi 20. www

Answers to Gap Fill

  1. Spam

  2. www.

  3. Downloading

  4. Browser

  5. Virus

  6. Upload

  7. Icon

  8. Wi-fi

  9. Bitcoin

  10. Selfies

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