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ESOL Teachers Resources

Updated on June 5, 2012
Reading books with pictures helps to associate words to objects.
Reading books with pictures helps to associate words to objects. | Source

School partnership with families of English Speakers Other Languages (ESOL) is essential in increasing student’s academic achievement. Families should be considered as a valuable asset in the teaching process. School can develop synergy outside the walls by focusing on both parent and child in the learning process. Parental involvement in the academic achievement of their child helps to create motivation for learning. 1

Outreach Services


Local schools that create outreach programs for ESOL families extend the learning program from class to home. Many of these programs include extra help such as translation services, ESOL work sheets, tutoring and phone assistance. Parents may not comprehend what the homework assignment or activity is about. When the school provides extra assistance the parents are able to follow through in helping their children with homework assignments. 1


Local colleges often have programs to match students from cultural classes like World Studies to public school ESOL students. This is beneficial to the both students. The college student receives exposure to another culture and the ESOL student receives individual attention. 2

 Many new ESOL families are refugees from countries with infrastructures that are unstable which lead to problems such as poverty and war. Other refugees have experienced natural disasters like hurricanes. These students’ present additional challenges since many have not had any formal education such as how to read and write in their own language. They need extra time to learn basic skills. This is especially hard for high-school students working on a four-year timeline. The extra individualize attention from college students helps them to succeed. 3


Sending books home with lots of pictures is a valuable resource for families. The pictures appeal to younger children and help identify words. Parents will also improve their English while helping their child along with encouraging their child to read. Using audio books together with picture books helps learners to hear and mimic the correct English pronunciation.

Flash Cards

Using Flash cards for vocabulary words are useful for ESOL home learning. Flash cards are obtainable online and in playing card format. Teachers may also encourage parents to devise a family activity or game to make learning interesting such as the games Old Maid and Go Fish.


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    • dragonflyfla profile image

      dragonflyfla 6 years ago from South Florida

      It is such a win - win partnership!

    • schoolmarm profile image

      schoolmarm 6 years ago from Florida

      These outreach services are quite important for student development. I know many college students that tutor ESOL and find it very rewarding. Thanks for the good information.