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Earth 2

Updated on May 10, 2011

Do you believe there is life on other planets?

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Life On Other Planets?

To think that possibly at this precise moment on a planet that has yet to be discovered (and pillaged) there is someone else writing down their thoughts on whether or not other civilizations exist makes me a little paranoid. It also makes me yearn to meet this person. Writer to writer, we’d compare notes about our worlds. We’d laugh about the misconceptions we had about each other’s race. Once and for all, we would no longer fear what secrets were hidden in a planet just beyond our view.

If we are to believe that past alien visitations were not just a figment of overactive imaginations, but rather as real as real can be, we know that there is life on other planets. Yet, many people believe these flying saucer sightings to be the product of drugs and/or an effort to bring notoriety to an otherwise unknown town. Which side can you firmly stand on? What can someone of sound mind and clear judgment make of these green people stories?

Watching a science fiction show, I never stay past the ghost segments. The second I hear the world “alien” or an alien autopsy picture pops onto the screen, I change the station or turn the television off all together. On the rare occasion that I do continue to watch, my blood starts to boil. Someone who has seen a space craft begins to relate their story, hand gestures and all. For extra measure, they pull up their shirt to reveal what looks like a birth mark, but, we find out, is actually a Martian tracking device that may explode at any minute. A scientist who is in desperate need of some nasal decongestant repeats a speech that he’s probably said a hundred times this month alone. What we are supposed to get from these interviews is that aliens exist and that they have proof. However, all I get from these people is a sense that somewhere, on some planet there is a group of people (We call them aliens. Their people call them Fred, Stella and Marge.) laughing themselves red at the thought of the silly humans they’ve played a joke on.

From what I’ve heard, aliens are supposed to be smart people as proven by their large, glowing brains. With this in mind, why would all knowing beings need to steal information from us and use probes on the least likely and under-qualified people? This part has always bothered me as I feel it’s a major contradiction.

I believe that aliens exist, but not in the way that we imagine they do. To me, aliens are humans that utilize every brain cell and every speck of their being to the point where anything is possible. As they do not waste their time thinking of ways to out do or harm someone else, they have discovered the cure for all diseases as well as a mode of transportation (flying saucers) that is ultra fast, but doesn’t emit pollutants. The television, video game consoles and computers never having been invented, they are incredibly smart because reading is a major form of entertainment. Another form is making music. They have instruments that humans can only dream of. Never having been raised in anger, their singing voices are pitch perfect and of brilliant quality. While they are a near perfect race, they do not boast or compete with each other. They also do not frown upon differences and treat everyone equally. It is a happy planet filled with citizens who treat each other and their planet with respect. They know that their good fortune could change at any minute and live each day as if it were their last. On the rare occasions when representatives from their planet visit Earth, it is no wonder that our people become afraid and claim that aliens look and act so differently from us. If we had never known war and used our minds for good and for improving our planet, we probably wouldn’t look or act the way we do.

Though I probably will never meet my writer friend, I am glad to know that they exist. As our own planet withers away, may our descendants one day find a new planet on which our society can have a second chance. Perhaps one day the planet I spoke of will be known as Earth 2.


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    • LowellWriter profile imageAUTHOR

      L.A. Walsh 

      9 years ago from Lowell, MA

      I totally agree with you. :o)

    • Teresa McGurk profile image


      9 years ago from The Other Bangor

      I think it's way too arrogant of us to think we are the only life in the universe. It's just a matter of time before we all find each other.


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