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Earthquake Survival During And After An Earthquake

Updated on October 22, 2011

To survive an earth quake one must first of all know what an earth quake is.

An earthquake is the shaking and trembling of the ground. Earthquakes occur when the top layer of the earth which is divided into plates starts to slip quickly. These plates normally move with the speed similar to the speed of growth of a nail but we cannot feel it. When these plates move unnaturally, it causes an earth quake.

Earthquakes are very unpredictable and so are their dangers. Earthquake can cause severe shaking but that’s not all it can also cause floods, landslides and many other dangers. As a result of an earthquake large cracks can be seen on the earth’s surface and it may also cause buildings to collapse.

Earthquake proof structures can greatly reduce loss of life.
Earthquake proof structures can greatly reduce loss of life.

The most important question which arises here is “How to survive an earthquake?”

A few precautions can help you survive in any Earthquake situation. These tips cannot make you an expert however; they can be helpful in saving your life during an earthquake. There are some tips which should be done in advance so as to prevent any loss.

Before An Earthquake

  • Make yourself and your family aware of the dangers of an earthquake and let them know how to survive during an earthquake.

  • Stock some stuff that can help you for e.g. battery operated radio, first aid kit, food and medical supply, water bottles, blankets etc.
  • Arrange your house furniture in such a manner that place heavy objects at the lower side of a cabinet and glass items in latched door cupboards, anchor the heavy appliances, place flammable objects away from ignition sources.

During An Earthquake

It’s better to stay calm and not to panic if there is an earthquake occurring because if you panic you would not be able to think, about the steps to be taken, clearly.

Find a cover for yourself as your own belongings will become the worst enemy of yours when they will start falling on your head, so it’s better to hide under a table or a piece of sturdy furniture.  If you don’t find any of these just sit against a wall which doesn’t have a window or tall furniture which may fall on you, cover your head with your hands.

  • If you are in your kitchen and cooking something just switch the stove off, sit beside a wall and cover your head.
  • If you are outdoors, rush to an open area where there are no falling objects. More likely away from buildings and trees.
  • If you are driving a car you must stop smoothly and go to a safe area. Avoid stopping your car under bridges, over passes and under passes for they may fall and cause danger for you.

How To Survive In An Earthquake

After The Earthquake

Check for injuries, heal them and seek medical attention if needed.Despite of your own injuries look for the other people around you and help them as they might need you.

Next check for the damage which has been done by the earthquake. If the building is badly damaged, leave it for the safety professionals to check. Always remember to wear shoes after earth quake as hey prevent from injuries made by thing that had fallen off from a cupboard or shelf.

If you smell or hear gas leak, immediately move the surrounding people away from the place, open the windows and doors allowing the gas to move out.

After moving he people turn off the gas meter and inform the gas company about the leakage and also the fire department.  Avoid using any electrical appliance for any little spark caused by that appliance can result into the ignition and another disaster. If you are out of power, it’s better to unplug the appliances to prevent any loss when the power is turned on.

If you see sparks, frayed wires and feel any kind of smell, immediately turn of the main power source. If there is water present in the area of the main power socket then its better not to try to switch of by you but to call a professional for the task.

Use your radio to gain further guidance for next steps to be taken. Use your phone just for emergency calls as lines become weighed down after an earth quake because people want to check their relatives and friends.

What to Do After An Earthquake


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