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Earthquake Weather Report for April 2015

Updated on March 10, 2015
retrojoe profile image

Has studied astrology/historical seismology since the late '70s in San Francisco. Published in the ISAR International Astrologer in 2012.

Worldwide earthquakes of 6.4 magnitude or greater for February 2015.
Worldwide earthquakes of 6.4 magnitude or greater for February 2015. | Source
List of 6.4 magnitude or greater earthquakes worldwide for February 2015.
List of 6.4 magnitude or greater earthquakes worldwide for February 2015. | Source

Earthquake Frequency Speeding Up

After a fairly quiet December and January, significant worldwide earthquakes (of 6.8 magnitude or higher) returned to a more regular frequency in February. However, although astrology usually plays more of a role as earthquake frequency increases, randomness may have played a larger role than expected. Of the three events of 6.8 magnitude or higher, only one of the three was solidly inside a seismic window (defined by Astro and Eclipse-aspect values). At the same time, one of the two that were outside windows was less than an hour from being inside a small window. That one was a rare event that occurred on the Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge on Friday the 13th of February.

This is in contrast to a similar sized earthquake on the opposite side of the earth, in the Southern East Pacific Rise, which happened on October 9th of 2014. That too was a rare event, the last such sized quake happening at that location in 1920 (with three 8.1 magnitude or larger seismic events occurring worldwide in the same year following that quake). On February 16, there was a 6.8 magnitude shock off the coast of northeastern Japan. Seismologists labeled that one an aftershock of the March 11, 2011 mega-quake and tsunami which caused much death and destruction.

In the past I have said that aftershocks are mostly random events and thus, I would consider foreshocks, but not aftershocks in my analysis. I now feel that only aftershocks within the first day are mostly random and for such earthquakes beyond a day, increasingly less random (as more time is put between the aftershock and the main event). Since this significant earthquake was almost four years after the shock that it relates to, I have included it in my results.

Harmless (Deep) Magnitude 7 Quake

The last significant earthquake for February 2015 occurred on the 27th and was determined to be of 7.0 in magnitude. If such a temblor had occurred in the United States it would have been big news, but since it was in Indonesia, which is much more seismically active than the U.S. (with the possible exception of Alaska) and capable of producing much greater earthquakes, it was not at all unusual. Also, if it had been shallow, it could have resulted in casualties and widespread damage to any nearby towns or cities, but it was estimated to be over 550 kilometers deep (or more than 342 miles below the surface of the earth).

The depth of an earthquake's epicenter also has a bearing on whether astrology will or will not be a factor in the timing of their occurrence. My research has shown that quakes no deeper than 35 kilometers (22 miles) are much more likely to be non-random, and thus related to astrological factors, than ones that originate deeper than 35 kilometers. Not surprisingly, the very deep February 27th earthquake lay outside of the seismic windows that had been mapped out the month prior.

Reviewing Remaining Forecast for March 2015

It is now time to give the astro-seismic forecast for the remainder of March, before we get to April..

2015-03/11, 1200 UT – 03/18, 1600 UT: China/Taiwan, Japan, Aleutians, northern California, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand (and/or the S. Pacific islands north of there), Dominican Republic (or surrounding area such as Puerto Rico), Panama, Chile, Argentina. [7 days, 4 hours]

2015-03/20, 1000 UT – 03/24, 1400 UT: Same as last. [4 days, 4 hours]

2015-03/26, 0800 UT – 03/26, 1800 UT: Same as last. [10 hours]

2015-03/28, 0400 UT – 03/30, 0400 UT: Dominican Republic (or surrounding area), Papua New Guinea, New Zealand (and/or the S. Pacific islands north of there), Panama, Chile, Argentina. [2 days]

April Forecast

For April, normally not a standout month for large earthquakes (at least not for those of 7.75 magnitude or larger in size) appears to have potential for being above average this year (although I doubt that it would be as big as last April's record setting activity). My reason for believing this has to do with the seismic windows, defined by astro and eclipse aspect values, taking up more space during that month than is usual (63.6% rather than the typical 55%). What I expect to see is at least 3 earthquakes of 6.8 magnitude or larger occurring that month (instead of the average of 2 per month). I also foresee the proportion (if 3) to be 3 inside the windows and 0 outside (when one would expect 2 inside and 1 outside. The most likely location for significant worldwide earthquakes in April 2015 (based on solar eclipses which occurred during the past 3 years) is Papua New Guinea (PNG) and/or the Solomon Islands. In other words, all of the designated seismic windows for that month have those two areas as potential spots for significant events. The dates and times for these windows and all other possible locations are listed below:

2015-04/01, 0400UT – 04/03, 0000UT [44 hours]: China/Taiwan, Japan, Aleutians, western USA.

2015-04/03, 0000UT – 04/04, 1800UT [42 hours]: Same as above plus New Zealand, Peru/Chile, Vanuatu, and New Caledonia.

2015-04/05, 1500UT – 04/13, 1200UT [7d21h]: China/Taiwan, Japan, Aleutians, western USA, Papua (Indonesia), New Zealand, Vanuatu, New Caledonia.

2015-04/14, 1100UT – 04/16, 1800UT [55 hours]: Caribbean, China/Taiwan, Japan, Aleutians, western USA.

2015-04/18, 1500UT – 04/20 1200UT [45 hours]: Caribbean

2015-04/21, 1400UT – 04/22 0000UT [10 hours]: (PNG and/or Solomon Isls).

2015-04/24, 0300UT – 04/26, 1200UT [57 hours]: China/Taiwan, Japan, Aleutians, western USA, Caribbean.

2015-04/29, 1400UT – 04/30, 0600UT [16 hours]: Same as the last window.

© 2015 Joseph Ritrovato


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  • retrojoe profile image

    Joseph Ritrovato 2 years ago from Vancouver, WA (nextdoor to Portland, OR)

    Earthquake Weather Update/Correction:

    The New Britain, Papua New Guinea (P.N.G.) earthquake of 7.5 magnitude which took place at 234831 UTC on March 29, 2015, occurred four hours before exiting a two day window which my Astro-aspect algorithms defined. The likely epicenter locations mentioned for a possible quake at that time numbered about half of a dozen, and P.N.G. was second on my list.

    The eclipse (of April 10, 2013) that relates to this earthquake should be at a peak of influence on the 1st and 2nd of April, 2015. However, my Earthquake Weather Report for April 2015, gives locations as though the eclipse of April 20, 2012 was peaking instead.

    Thus, the locations to watch mostly will be in the P.N.G. area and the South Pacific islands that are east of there and north of New Zealand. In other words, the magnitude 7.5 earthquake that just occurred could be a pre-shock to something bigger, possibly taking effect during the first two days of April 2015.

  • retrojoe profile image

    Joseph Ritrovato 2 years ago from Vancouver, WA (nextdoor to Portland, OR)

    Thanks for your comment pstraubie48.. Ah, you are in sunny Florida; no shaking there like you experienced in Japan! I lived in the San Francisco area for half my life and missed the 6.9 magnitude Loma Prieta in October 1989 because I was on the east coast at the time. Did experience a few events in the mid to upper 5 magnitude range however (nothing to make me permanently move to Florida or a similar safe zone).

    If you are sending some angels my way I'll have to thank you greatly for that since I could sure use a little help from on high these days!

    Thanks again and best regards..

  • pstraubie48 profile image

    Patricia Scott 2 years ago from sunny Florida

    That is quite a detailed explanation. I lived in Japan in the seventies and we had several 'scary' earthquakes to us as we had never experienced them before. they were not damaging really, just shaking a bit of objects off dressers, and tossing us around in our bed.

    Angels are on the way to you this afternoon ps