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Earthquake Weather Report for August-September 2013

Updated on September 1, 2013
retrojoe profile image

Has studied astrology/historical seismology since the late '70s in San Francisco. Published in the ISAR International Astrologer in 2012.


Looking back on the past month of seismic activity in the 6.5 magnitude and larger range, there were 3 quakes occurring then, with 2 inside my window areas and 1 outside or the same breakdown as for August 2012. Since the windows comprise 1/3rd of the month, the frequency of earthquakes inside the windows was twice what would normally be expected (average being 2 outside and 1 inside my windows or just the opposite of what happened).

Since we are dealing with a very small amount of data, it would be best to expand the period of study to see if the results for say the three months just prior to August 2013 was any different. In doing that one observes the same proportional breakdown of events. In other words, from May through July 2013, there were 6 earthquakes inside my window areas and 3 outside. These windows also totaled one month in time out of the three months and thus contained twice as many earthquakes as would normally be expected.

Interestingly, since I chose not to count aftershocks of a Russian quake of 8.3 magnitude and an Indonesian quake of 7.3 magnitude, two earthquakes (one of 6.7 and one of 6.6 magnitude) were not used, even though they were inside my windows.

If instead of just looking at the number of quakes inside and outside of the windows, one looks at the total energy released inside and outside, a much stronger correlation is found for those inside the window areas. The 4 earthquakes outside of the windows produced 2.564e+15 joules of energy, while the 8 earthquakes inside the windows produced 2.002e+17 joules of energy. That is 78 times more energy within the windows than outside! This is in large part due to the fact that the larger the earthquakes involved, the more likely they were to fall within the astrologically defined window areas. In other words, if one looks at just the seismic events of 7.0 magnitude or larger, there were no such earthquakes outside of the windows but there were 5 such quakes inside of them.

My ability to determine likely locations for these earthquakes however still needs some work. My last forecast predicted that Mexico and China would be in focus, and they were, but the quakes involved were of 6.2 and 5.8 magnitude or below the 6.5 magnitude threshold for what I consider to be significant events.
The one in Mexico was also outside of my window areas.

The most recent example of a miss on location is the 6.5 magnitude earthquake that just occurred on September 1st, 2013 in Indonesia. It landed inside a window area but it was the least likely of five possible locations determined by astrology.

One reason for the lack in my ability to predict location is due to a bias in my data collection of earthquakes that are deadly. With the exception of 8.0 magnitude or greater events during the 20th century, I have left out many quakes above 6.4 magnitude but under 8.0 unless there were a significant number of deaths associated with it. This has left gaps in the data for such places as Canada and Indonesia (although I have expanded my database in that last location) and a greater number of quakes in such places as Iran and Turkey. In the future I plan to expand my database to include many 7.3 to 7.9 magnitude events that I have so far skipped. I am hoping that this will improve my ability to determine the most likely locations for those future significant seismic events which are reflected in astrological aspects. Now it is time to give my forecast for September 2013:

The month is dominated by one large window (an extension of the large one that ended the previous month). It begins at 0000 GMT on 9/1/2013 and ends at 0800 GMT on 9/10/2013. It contains two primary peaks as follows:

9/2/2013, 0025 GMT: Greece, Iran, China, Turkey, Indonesia.

9/8/2013, 1805 GMT: Italy, Mexico, Turkey, Indonesia.

There is also one minor peak which may not be much of a factor:

9/22/2013, 0700 GMT (peak), -9hrs, +7hrs: Peru, Panama-Columbia, Mexico, Italy, Greece, Iran.

© 2013 Joseph Ritrovato


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  • retrojoe profile image

    Joseph Ritrovato 4 years ago from Vancouver, WA (nextdoor to Portland, OR)

    Earthquake Weather Update: In case you missed it, there were four earthquakes of 6.5 to 6.6 magnitude (per the USGS' website; a German seismological reporting center rates two of those as 6.4 however) during the first 6 days of September 2013. One was in Indonesia, one off the coast of Japan, one in Alaska, and one in Guatemala. All of these quakes occurred within a window that I announced on the first day of the month in this same hub (actually published just after the first of these quakes). The Alaska earthquake was actually an aftershock of a 7.0 magnitude earthquake which occurred at the end of the prior month (also within this same window).

    In other words, so far my latest predictions have been right on the money. There also hasn't been any such quakes outside of my windows at this point for September 2013. At this time I wish to modify my predictions for the rest of the month. I am reducing the size of the already narrow window for 9/22 and including a new window that popped up for 9/28 when I tweaked my prediction algorithms. Here are the dates, times, and potential locations:

    9/22/13 peaking at 0730 GMT (from 0500-1200 GMT) Panama, Colombia, Peru, Italy, Mexico, China

    9/28/13 peaking at 1220 GMT (from 10 hrs prior to 14 hrs after) Indonesia, China, Alaska, Algeria, Japan