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Earthquake Weather Report for November-December 2013

Updated on December 1, 2013
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Has studied astrology/historical seismology since the late '70s in San Francisco. Published in the ISAR International Astrologer in 2012.

Map of significant earthquakes (at least 6.5 in magnitude) throughout the world during November 2013.
Map of significant earthquakes (at least 6.5 in magnitude) throughout the world during November 2013. | Source
List of significant earthquakes (at least 6.5 in magnitude) throughout the world during November 2013.
List of significant earthquakes (at least 6.5 in magnitude) throughout the world during November 2013. | Source

In October 2013, as we approached the end of the year, things started cooking both on the surface of the sun and seismically speaking on earth with twice the normal amount of significant earthquake activity (6.5 magnitude or larger events). However, just when it looked like something big might happen, major quakes took a break. In other words, only half the normal amount of activity occurred during the first half of November. But then things returned to their twice the usual number for the last half of the month. As a result of the break in the storm, the month of November turned out to be about average for significant events.

Of the five events that met my criteria for being considered significant, three occurred within my seismic windows (0 out of 1 events in the first half of the month and 3 out of 4 events in the second half) which made up 10 out of the 30 days in the month. Thus they appeared 1.8 times more frequently inside those windows than was expected from the statistical average (3 actual quakes divided by the expected average of 1.67).

My best guess for December is that their will be more seismic events in the first half of the month than in the second. Within that first half of the month there will be two large peaks of astro aspect values, both each occupying a few days in time. I am expecting there to be three or more significant earthquakes within those windows.

In the second half of December there are just a couple of smaller peaks lasting from just a few hours to just over a day. Earlier I considered these to possibly produce some major quakes resulting from aspect peaks of transits to natal positions of two different eclipses that occurred in November of 2012 and 2013. However, after looking more closely, those aspects are not integrated enough in my opinion to herald any big earthquake activity in that part of the month. If anything does result it would more likely be during the first few days of January 2014 than during the last half of December 2013.

It is my belief that the results of my forecasts in regards to when significant earthquakes should occur has not only been better than expected, but better than others who have dared to try and predict them. On the other hand, my results for determining location has been disappointing. I will continue to explore methods to improve in that area in the future.

That said, my best guess for where at least two events should occur in December 2013 would be China and/or Iran. Other possible locations are Japan, Italy, Vanuatu, Turkey, Tonga, Pakistan, and the Philippines. The most likely dates and times are as follows:

12/1/13, 1400 UTC to 12/4/13, 2300 UTC (3d9h), peaking 12/2/13, 1400 UTC. Possible locations: China, Italy, Iran.

12/5/13, 1830 UTC to 12/5/13, 2150 UTC (3h20m), peaking 12/5/13, 2010 UTC. Possible locations: Pakistan, Vanuatu, or the Philippines.

12/11/13, 1400 UTC to 12/16/13, 2000 UTC (5d6h), peaking 12/12/13, 0600 UTC and 12/13/13, 0800 UTC (plus several smaller peaks on 12/14/13-12/16/13). Possible locations: China, Italy, Vanuatu, Japan.

12/26/13, 0100 UTC to 12/26/13, 1500 UTC (14h0m), peaking 12/26/13, 1455 UTC. Possible locations: Tonga or Japan.

12/31/13, 0050 UTC to 12/31/13, 2359 UTC (23h09m), peaking 12/31/13, 1200 UTC. Possible locations: China or the Philippines. Continues into the next month until 1/5/14, 0205 UTC (an additional 4d2h5m), with a larger 2nd peak on 1/4/14, 1425 UTC. Possible locations at this last peak time: Japan, Ecuador, Peru, Chile.

© 2013 Joseph Ritrovato


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