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Earthquakes linked to Astrology, the Sun, and UFOs

Updated on August 18, 2013
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Has studied astrology/historical seismology since the late '70s in San Francisco. Published in the ISAR International Astrologer in 2012.

Above illustration is discussed towards the end of this hub..
Above illustration is discussed towards the end of this hub..

Recently I took the 432 worldwide earthquakes that I use for astrological charts (which also includes 13 sizeable quakes in the U.S.) and, after printing them out, made sure that all of them had information included on their magnitude. I then determined whether each one was inside or outside of an astrologically defined earthquake window. Almost 60% (59%) or 255 earthquakes were inside the windows which, on average took up 10 days out of 30 days in a month (or were present 33.3% of the time). Statistically, if there was not any astrological relationship to earthquakes, there should have been only 33.3% or 144 earthquakes (or something close to that) found within those window areas, but instead there were 1.77 times more.

That is not to say that all of those 255 earthquakes were paralleling astrological angles that related to large earthquakes. There was likely randomness inside the windows just as there were likely earthquakes outside the windows that related to astrology but, since I am not an all knowing and all seeing god, certain factors that I failed to predict or recognize were at work. In my estimation (or my educated guess is that) about 25% out of the 255 quakes that were inside window areas were random and 25% out of the 177 quakes that were outside window areas were related to astrology but not recognized as such. This would result in there being 235 hypothetical instances of quakes that were paralleling astrological angles and 197 hypothetical events that were totally random (or at least having no relationship to astrology). These results would imply that astrology is a factor in the occurrence of 54% of all earthquakes and doing so 33% of the time. This would translate to astrology playing a role in earthquake activity 1.63 times more often than an average result (not as good as indicated before but still significant).


-64_____ -44






A die hard skeptic however would probably say that 33%, or 20% out of the 60% of the quakes inside the windows should be considered random, that I had already determined that there was no astrological effect in the 40% outside of the windows and thus the net effect would be that 40% of all quakes were inside windows representing 33.3% of the time, and 60% of all quakes were outside or in the zone that came up 66.7% of the time. The supposed astrological effect would then represent only 1.2 times more than what average results would bring (rather than 1.8 times). The significance would therefore dry up.

However, I stand by what I feel are significant results. After a thorough analysis of the earthquakes in my database, those between 6.45 and 8.14 magnitude were represented 1.84 times more inside the designated windows than what the average would be. Above 8.14 magnitude the results appear to be more moderate in their significance (1.544 times average inside the windows). A similar result (1.5 times average within the windows) was observed for earthquakes of 6.4 magnitude. The small sample of 5.7 to 6.3 magnitude events yielded average results. The data for 8.15 magnitude or larger earthquakes was pretty much complete in my database, but earthquakes of that size appear to play by different rules. In other words, although astrology still appears to play a role, it does so more moderately, or with randomness playing a larger roll than for quakes in the 6.45 to 8.14 magnitude range. The infrequency of these events coupled with their immense power may play a large part in determining the results or how often astrology is a factor in their occurrence.

As we dip below the 6.4 transition magnitude, when earthquakes become more numerous and randomness plays at least as dominant a role as astrology, they represent more noise than signal. For example, although I achieved convincing results for worldwide earthquakes indicating significance for an astrological connection in the 6.45 to 8.14 magnitude range, when I analyzed the 129 earthquakes that comprised my database of U.S. earthquakes, I received only average results. This did not surprise me, since a large portion of quakes within the United States are in the 5.0 to 6.4 magnitude range (44.7% of the quakes in the U.S. database) or just below the threshold that I consider significant as far as astrological effects are concerned. The earthquakes below 6.5 magnitude comprised only 5.7% of the worldwide database by the way (and mostly were included only because they had caused significant damage and/or casualties).

However, the smaller average magnitude of earthquakes in the U.S. when compared to outside its borders is not the only reason for there being no significant results inside America related to astrology (by my methods at least). Both the 432 quake worldwide database and the 129 U.S. based quake database have a large amount of quakes in the 6.5 to 7.2 magnitude range (41.2% for the former and 39.5% for the later). But the results are opposed to each other with earthquakes in this range occurring 1.88 times more often inside the windows (or close to twice what would be average) for the worldwide quakes and 0.88 times average (or less than average) for the U.S. quakes. The only results that compare to this in the larger worldwide database was what was seen for the very small number of quakes below 6.4 magnitude (4 inside and 9 outside window areas or 0.92 times average for them occurring inside the windows). And instead of the significance increasing when looking at a collection of larger earthquakes, it actually decreased. For 7.3 magnitude and larger events (comprising 16.3% of the 129 U.S. quakes) there were 5 inside the windows and 16 outside (or 0.71 times average for events inside the window areas).

Obviously different rules of cosmic law seem to be in effect or totally non-existent within the confines of the United States. So it is no wonder why most scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey insist that earthquake prediction is impossible. In the United States at least it may very well be. As a result of these findings I am no longer planning to indicate possible epicenter areas inside the U.S. unless the signs point to a very strong possibility in such states as Alaska or California with the only other possible exceptions being Nevada and Hawaii. Missouri and off the coast of Oregon and Washington have had significant events in the past (for which I am referring to earthquakes of 7.6 magnitude or larger in Missouri and 8.2 magnitude or larger in the Pacific northwest), but it is believed that the period between such extreme events in those locations is so lengthy that we have not even come close to reaching the "overdue" phase for a repeat of such earthquakes in the near future (although "overdue" is often used in regards to those areas when they are discussed in the press). There is still a possibility of earthquakes occurring in the not too distant future in those two locations in the 6.5 to 7.2 magnitude range however.

Before closing though, I have a bit of a surprise that I discovered while writing this hub. First, there was one short period in 1975 that I found earthquakes occurred within the U.S. in a significant manner (related to my astrologically defined window areas). As can be seen in the table below, three earthquakes varying from 5.8 to 6.1 in magnitude occurred in the states of California, Idaho, and Wyoming, within just over 5 months during the spring and summer of 1975. They were all inside window areas and in the middle of a worldwide swarm of such activity within my windows. This was the last and longest of four worldwide earthquake swarms observed from events in my database that extended from the mid '40s to the mid '70s. As can be seen in the graphic display at the top of this hub, the first three swarms coincided with solar maximum, but the last one related to solar minimum. Astrologically, I feel that it is important to study the charts derived from events during these swarms because they likely represent periods when astrology paralleled earthquake events more frequently and randomness was less of a factor.

33 earthquakes from the author's astrology database.  All of them inside window areas used for predicting earthquakes and also were grouped together at times of high (mostly) or low sunspot activity.
33 earthquakes from the author's astrology database. All of them inside window areas used for predicting earthquakes and also were grouped together at times of high (mostly) or low sunspot activity.

For what it is worth, the earthquake pattern related to solar activity also relates to UFO waves of activity. The earthquake swarm of the 1947-48 period occurred just after a UFO wave (during which the purported Roswell UFO crash occurred). The 1957 earthquake swarm happened just before a short but intense UFO wave in early November of '57. The earthquake swarm of mostly 1968 happened as a long standing UFO wave (which began in the fall of '65) was starting to wind down. And lastly, the 1974 to 1976 swarm occurred not long after the U.S. UFO wave of October '73 and the peak of UFO activity in France in March '74.

In recent months there has been heightened worldwide swarm activity with 8 out of the last 11 earthquakes (of 6.5 magnitude or larger) occurring within window areas (9 out of 12 if an aftershock is not skipped). This time (like in the case of 3 out of 4 of the swarms referred to earlier) the sun is in a maximum sunspot mode but the solar activity at this point in time is only moderately high. The sun is currently in a stunted and lengthened period of maximum solar activity that will likely go on for as much as another year (along with heightened earthquake activity and a higher percentage of such earthquakes inside window areas; especially through the end of September 2013) before taking a break of a few years until returning to a solar minimum at some point in the early 2020's.

The recent increase in such earthquakes reminds me of a similar trend that occurred in 1968 at solar maximum. There was then another big increase of such earthquakes during the next solar minimum. That later event is, I believe, likely to happen again in the early 2020's.

UFO data courtesy of Larry Hatch's *U* UFO Database.  Graphic produced by the author.
UFO data courtesy of Larry Hatch's *U* UFO Database. Graphic produced by the author.

© 2013 Joseph Ritrovato


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