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Earth's Fate May Have Already Been Recorded

Updated on September 3, 2011



Many people think that the first man made object in space was the Russian Sputnik. They are probably wrong.

On 4th October 1957, the Soviet Union put the Sputnik into a low Earth orbit. It was the first man made object intentionally sent into space.

There was however an object unintentionally sent into space on 27th August 1957, by the United States.

Operation Plumbbob

Operation Plumbbob

Operation Plumbbob was an assortment of nuclear tests carried out at the Nevada test site in the United States between May 28th and October 7, 1957.

These tests included tests from balloons, towers, underground and in shafts.

One test of an explosion in a shaft, named Pascal-B, took place on 27th August 1957.

During this test a 900kg steel plate was placed on top of the shaft.

The explosion shot this plate into the air, much like a cannon ball. A high speed camera had been focused on the plate at the time of the blast. The plate only appeared in one frame.

On studying the film, experts believe that the plate was driven by such force that it would have reached a velocity that is six times that required to escape Earths gravity.


Our Fate

This plate would have been shot out of Earth’s gravitational pull and continued into space.

As there is virtually no resistance in the void of space, it is estimated that the plate will continue to travel for centuries to come.

The plate will travel in a straight line. If in a few decades from now, it is spotted by an alien race, they would be able to trace its course back to its origin, Earth.

On studying the plate, they would find radiation and know that we had learned how to split the atom.

If the aliens decided to visit our planet, what would they find?

Would they find that the Earth had been destroyed by the same energy that had propelled the plate?

Do we take enough precautions with nuclear power or have we already sent our suicide note into space?


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    • aguasilver profile image

      John Harper 6 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Like it very much, thanks for identifying that information (assuming it's truth and no conjecture!) anyhow voted up.