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Simple Economic Recovery Guide for the USA

Updated on November 1, 2012

What can Americans do to start the recovery?

Millions of Americans, including economists, business owners, hard working 9 to 5 people, fathers, mothers, children, all have racked their brains about what they can do to help the United States of America get out of its economic slump that has been especially discouraging over the past four years.

Up until recently, there was not much that could be done by any one individual to overcome the oppressive feelings of helplessness when it comes to getting our country back on the right track. However, now there is something that every adult American can do to fix our economy and many of the other issues we face.

Simple Formula for Beginning the Economic Recovery

The Simple Solution

So, here's the solution...

Simply walk into a voting booth at your local polling station, fill in the bubble next to Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan, and say a little prayer that enough of your associates do the same.

By November 6th, the economic woes of the United States of America will be on their way to being made history. After that, we simply need to keep working hard, wait for Barack Obama to get his stuff out of the White House (including his new basketball court, his March Madness brackets, his brewery, and every other "Livin' large in the WH, yo!" remnant), and thank God that we now have someone who understands business, the economy, and real life in America occupying the most important position in the land.


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