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Economic Slavery of The Modern World

Updated on December 10, 2012

The Biggest Financial Fraud of Human History

Today I wish to discuss the global economic system of our modern world. It is a subject that I feel passionate about and since I have started learning about this deceptive structure and how it manipulates people, I have taken this responsibility upon myself to inform and educate as many people as I can, so the populace becomes aware of the bondage that they are in.

We will discuss the role of global financial institutions like the World Bank, and the IMF, as well as talk about their modus operandi.

For thousands of years, humans have constructed major empires and civilizations, whether it be the Mongolian and the Greek civilizations, or the Roman and Persian empires. They have traded among themselves and with each other. They have even fought wars against each other. But the one thing that was common between all these grand dominions was that all of their basic economic systems were based on the use of Gold & Silver as a form of currency.

This is where our modern economic order deviates from the practice of of using these stable form of currencies. The architects of the current economic model designed a complex financial mechanism where they would have complete control of the economic resources (natural and human), and in which they - i.e, the bankers - would have absolute power over government policies.

Now of-course, that kind of manipulation would not have been possible with gold and silver as a medium of exchange, so these people brought in what is known as the Fractional Reserve Banking system.

The most important characteristic of gold and other precious metals is that it is sound money. They have inherent or intrinsic value (i.e, the value is in the currency) as opposed to paper money. As I stated earlier, past civilizations also used gold & silver because a merchant from France could trade with the Chinese and he would not have to worry about exchange rates or pay more than what the products were worth.

The Birth of Banks

So how did all of that change? Well, take for example a village, in which people use gold & silver as mediums of financial transactions. Since both are metals, and when you have lots of it, it becomes inconvenient to carry it around. Therefore, some merchants, decided to open a "money shop" and advised people to store their assets in their shops. Whoever deposited their gold in their "shop" would get a receipt for their amount.

For example, Harry deposits one thousand gold coins at this bank and the money changer...err, I mean the banker issues him a certificate for his amount of 1000. Similarly, Walter goes and deposits his 2000 gold coins and gets his vouchers. When Walter wants to buy something from Harry, instead of paying him with gold coins, he gives him a receipt from the bank which can be redeemed for gold.

I know I'm giving you too much nitty-gritty here, but stay with me for a while.

This trade in paper chits became common and people were content that they could always get their gold whenever they wanted. No one actually bothered to deal in coins. The merchants saw this as an opportunity to make more money and decided to issue more paper than the assets. So for example, if a bank had 10,000 gold coins, it would issue receipts for 100,000.

Now, you tell me whether printing 90,000 extra paper slips - paper which, in essence, is backed by nothing - and releasing them into the market is ethical?

The worrying part here is that the public is not aware that there are "fake" receipts in circulation and that the banks do not have enough gold to cover all of them.

This method was started in Europe and is then replicated all across the continent during the 16th and 17th century. This is the beginning of banking as we know it today. Since people were happy with dealing in paper currency, thinking that their resources were safe, no one bothered to go and claim their gold. Until there was some calamity or war, then there would be a stampede of people dashing to the banks, so you would have a thousand people claiming their property all at once.

Run on the banks
Run on the banks

Of course, the banks did not have enough assets to repay everyone, so consequently, they would collapse.

That is what happened during the market crash of 1930s when banks loaned more money than they actually owned and this is exactly what happened during the recent recession and the so-called bank bailout. All these 'too big to fail' commercial institutions did not have enough to pay all of their account holders, so they went under, leaving a trail of financial destruction and the common man was left as collateral damage.

Since this system of greed is intrinsically unstable, every few decades, there would be huge bank failures. So in order to protect their interests, a few private bankers gathered together in 1913 and penned the idea of a larger consortium of banks, that would, in times of need, fund the smaller banks and save them from bankruptcy. Hence, the emergence of the Federal Reserve.

It is important to note here that the Federal Reserve is NOT owned by the U.S government, but rather, controlled by other private banks, like the bank of New York and the Rothschild family's bank of England.

The Federal Reserve Banking Act was covertly passed in December of 1913. This "income tax" law was to reap the fruits of your labour and fill the pockets of the global banking elite by hijacking the U.S monetary system.

So in effect, a gang of bankers controls the money supply of the United States, by printing it at will. A similar system exists in every other country of the world. And every time the U.S government needs money, it asks the federal reserve to print it for them.

But it gets more frightening than that. Every single time the government borrows money (that's right, they borrow it) on your behalf, YOU pay the interest on it, which goes directly in the pockets of the already filthy-rich banking oligarchs.

"But I don't pay no interest to any banks.." you say. Well if you have a job and you're paying income tax (which is unconstitutional by the way), then that's where your hard earned money is going, not to mention all the bail-out cash ALSO paid by you.

This is how your hard earned money lands in the pockets of a few through this interest based banking system.

Money As Debt

The Grand Theft of 1933

In the year 1933, the U.S government, under President Roosevelt, passed a law which in effect made it illegal for private citizens to own and use gold & silver for their day to day transactions. Anyone going against this decree would have been fined up to $10,000 and could also face prison time.

Instead, people were to take their gold to the Federal Reserve and in return, they would be issued paper bills which would serve as legal tender. At that time, the price of gold was around $20 per ounce.

Except, their plan gets even more sinister; After a while, the government allows people to buy back their gold, so everyone hurries to do so. But they find out that the government has increased the price of gold from $20 to $35/oz. So virtually half of the gold is swallowed up by the banks.

Why was the price of gold jacked up so rapidly? and what did they do with almost half of that gold? To this day, there has been no answer to this question.

However, what is more disheartening is that the American people allowed themselves to be duped by these fraudsters and accepted the "devaluation" of their paper bills. There was no formula by which that could happen and no rationale for it.

After cheating the American people out of their gold, the bankers set their sight on the international gold reserves, mainly in Europe. For that reason, World War 1 was conceived and financed by them.

After the colossal destruction and tremendous loss of life, these financiers extracted payment from the governments of Europe, not in paper currency, but in gold bullion.The exact same operation was executed successfully during the second world war.

After world war II, the entire European industrial sector was practically under the servitude of the banking oligarchy. The Marshall Plan was basically a lucrative business for the Federal Reserve which loaned money to Europe, through the U.S government, for rebuilding and made an obscene amount in interest.

That's how most of the gold reserves from Europe were transferred to the pockets of these mobsters and by the mid 20th century, around 80% of the world gold reserves were under the control of private bankers.

The next step was to spread their fangs globally, for which the Bretton Woods Conference was convened. The agreement was to create an international bank which would regulate (in other words, control) world economies.

It is also important to note, that the charter of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) openly stated that NO country in the world would use gold as their currency or any paper currency backed by gold. The U.S dollar was instituted as the international standard of monetary exchange, which continues to this day.

Now, up to that point, the American dollar was the only currency which was backed by gold (around $35/ounce) which made it quite desirable by other countries and they wanted to have as many U.S dollars in their reserves.

All international trade was conducted through the dollar, specially oil. Two major Oil Exchanges were created, one each in New York and London. Hence, the dollar became a petro-currency.

However, this maleficent cabal was still not content with the power they wielded on global economies, so in order to seize absolute control, they pressurized the american government to excorticate the U.S dollar from it's gold backing, and in 1971, due to intense pressure from the bankers, Richard Nixon put an end to the gold standard.

The next stage of development for these international money barons is to get rid of cash altogether. Then the token accountability of the bankers will disappear along with any tangible currency.

Their scheme is that everyone will have to use digital money for every type of commercial transaction. Electronic technology, will give them complete control of every man, woman and child on the planet.


This was my humble attempt to analyze the deceitful anatomy of the modern banking system, and I know that I may not have covered everything here. But let's just go through the principal points one more time:

  • Most of the money lending establishments these days are private and therefore, only benefit a few people.
  • The central bank approach is to collect money from the public through usury and income taxes and concentrate wealth in the hands of a few business people, which is diametrically opposite to the concept of general welfare of society.
  • As per the income tax rates in North America, around 3 months of your hard work's salary, out of a year, goes to the central bank.
  • The current system is based on paper currency which is worthless, as opposed to Real Currency (i.e, gold, silver etc.)
  • In the present structure, wealth is not dispersed in society, only consolidated. Money is like blood; it needs to circulate freely for the body (society) to exist.
  • Financial markets are manipulated at will to cause inflation and devaluation of currencies, which debases real wages and people's buying power.
  • Big banks bet on your financial future, and if they fail, blackmail you via the government to rob you. (bailouts anyone..?)

So as you see, this "den of vipers and thieves.." as Andrew Jackson called them, have used and continue to use, every opportunity and every avenue to grab your hard earned provisions. They do not care about your future or the future of your children.

They have accomplices in positions of authority who will aid them. No President or Prime Minister can impede their tricks or tactics. Two American presidents, were assassinated for attempting to do so.

The banking lobbies works hard to maintain the present global economic system. They strive to acquire international gold deposits (one of the few sources of Real Wealth) & devalue international currencies through inflation and hedging. Even major wars have been concocted to upgrade gold but now this economy is declining fast.

Most of the resources are being misspent on crushing mankind & confiscating their rights to live like human beings.

So in this seemingly hopeless situation, what are we do do? What course of action regular folks like you and me can follow?

Even if the governments do not use gold and silver currency, at least we as individuals can convert our saving from paper currency to gold and silver. People who are smart´╗┐ enough to do so, can actually take advantage of this situation and be among the ones who have real wealth while others have toilet papers for money.

I hope to carry on this discussion further in the near future by sharing some solutions at my disposal. But I would like for you folks out there to do your own investigation and find out ways to break out of these invisible chains of slavery.

It is then, and in researching and asking questions, digging deeper that you start to realize something´╗┐ shocking, and you become conscious that this is not the world you thought you grew up in.

Please share your thoughts.


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