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Eden Theory

Updated on June 29, 2015

Have you ever walked through a forest and had that sudden feeling of existing in an entirely different world? Could be due to more than just a change of scenery. It's a fact that plants release oxygen and pollen into the air, but could they be releasing something a bit more potent? Perhaps something of a more spiritual nature? Many cultures believe that plants hold great magical power, is it possible that these are more than mere beliefs, but founded on fact? Ancient civilizations possessed an understanding of technology that is yet to be replicated by modern science. It's not implausible that they might have held a superior understanding of nature and medicine as well.

Animals and insects alike tend to enjoy the presence of flowers and plants, and not just for the aromas. Possessing a heightened sense of smell allows animals to benefit the most from this phenomena, and to consciously enjoy the effects of these aroma induced mind states. Which is why animals are so much more ecstatic to go the park or the woods rather than a routine city walk. This is also why venturing deeper into a forest produces a stronger feeling of wonder and amazement.

It was previously believed that all psychoactive plant matter had to be ingested to experience effects, turns out that's not the case. Every time you breathe, particulates enter your body, and move through your circulatory system, meaning psychoactive plant matter is moving through you at all times, hence a widely held belief of a human connection to nature. Perhaps not so abstract after all, but wait, we're not down the rabbit hole yet.

Nature predates every other life form on earth. Imagine an entire planet covered in trees and flowers, all producing unique aromas, a garden, if you will. Meaning any organism existing at this time was connected via these pheromones, and any organism that surfaced afterwards was inherently tied to this system. Nowadays nature is just something we look at through windows and on screens.Yet, our species developed from this system, it is a phenomena that is ingrained into our existence, we need nature just as much as we need water. Without it we cannot be healthy, or whole, it is a deficiency.

Deforestation and development are destroying an integral aspect of human life, cutting us off from this natural system could quite possibly be the underlying cause of our problems. Mental disorders, disabilities, deformities, disease, even wars. All can be caused by deficiencies in some resource or another. What would a group of claustrophobics do if you locked them in a room and then began removing oxygen? Most likely something similar to what the governments of the world are doing today. Even still, most people deny, refuse, or do not care that this planet is suffocating. Even without pollution factored in we are pumping toxic gases into the air at all times. That can not be healthy for anyone or anything.

graph of deforestation in Brazil.
graph of deforestation in Brazil.
US Army mental health statistic graph
US Army mental health statistic graph

There is an apparent problem with the number of people being diagnosed with some sort of disorder or disease, nearly congruent with deforestation statistics, and the number is increasing drastically. It's not unrealistic to say that soon the entire human species will have some sort of disease. Oddly enough, nearly all diseases are caused by stress, and being around plants is scientifically proven to reduce stress. Although this is an accurate observation of the effects on plants on humans, it is not a complete one, as every plant creates a unique reaction with the brain, some more subtle than others, but present nonetheless.

If you would like to see for yourself, then go ahead and,

  • Find a garden store with stocked greenhouses.
  • Before entering the store, think about how your day has been.
  • Proceed to take a leisurely stroll around the plants, maybe even with music.
  • Afterwards, think about your day again.

You'll probably notice that you feel a bit, different.

© 2015 Luci G


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