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Edifyschool Charter Schools Help Indian Children Succeed in Life

Updated on August 5, 2018

Millions of children around the world lack the ability to go to school. They may have never set foot in a school or they may have had to drop out to help their families. While they should be in school, they end up going to work in farms or factories instead.

This is especially true in a country like India. While educational opportunities are plentiful in larger cities, the more rural areas have a much difficult time finding a school.

Mr. Dayanand Agarwal decided no child should have to go without an education. He created MDN Edify Pvt. Ldt to allow children to learn and grow. A privately funded school would not have the issues of overcrowding and lack of funding that plagued many public schools.

Mr. Dayanad's franchise took off. By 2010, there were thirteen different schools throughout India teaching students from pre-primary school to the final year of their secondary education. In 2018, there were twenty-six K-12 schools and thirty-five Edify Kids preschool programs. More are being built every year, giving more children the education they so readily deserve.

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Building a House of Wisdom

Edifyschool's educational facilities form the crux of the student experience. The schools have extremely affordable plans for their students. Every student is given daily instruction with unlimited one-on-one support. One teacher takes care of fifteen students, preventing students from becoming lost in an overcrowded classroom. Transportation and meal programs are available to make sure no child misses school due to hunger or bad weather. Training programs and time management assistance help facilitators provide the best experience at every grade level.

The owner of an Edifyschool franchise is able to monitor the success of their school with regular evaluations from supervisors and managers. The school's brand image is powerful, and the students have a large track record of success. In 2011, they received the "Most Emerging K-12 Institute of the Year Award" from the Indian Educational Congress. With the low costs, expansion into areas where they are needed, and a popular program, the school takes education to the next level.


A Perfect Education

Even if children are allowed to be students, they may not get an education that will help them later in life. The Edify Education program upholds high standards to make sure students receive the best education. A proper education requires more than sitting in a tiny classroom with forty other children and an untrained teacher. Parents know their children need physical education and strong bonds with their schoolmates in order to be successful. They also need an environment to develop skills in music, art, or sports. Each Edify Education franchise is required to have three to five acres of land in an urban area, a building with a capacity for 1640 people, and a gym. In addition, the ratio of fifteen students per teacher must be upheld to give students the education they deserve.

Students and teachers will be proud to learn and teach in a school from MDN Edify Pvt. Ldt. This private franchise has made the lives of students better. Going to school is no longer a chore for students at Edifyschools. School is a fun, fulfilling experience that broadens the perspectives of the students. A merchant's child may discover that they love to play the flute in a music class. A call center operator's restless teenager could realize the joy of chemistry because of the hands-on learning Edifyshools's science laboratories provides. Wonder Rooms give students an opportunity to explore new concepts at their own pace.

Children will learn to understand news from all over the world.
Children will learn to understand news from all over the world. | Source

The Edifyschool faculty has used cutting-edge research that complies with and expands on government curriculum requirements. All school curricula are designed to work with CBSE and ICSE curricula. Parents are allowed to come to the school twice a year to see their children's work. Faculty members receive frequent training to make sure their lessons are effective.

Edifyshool's motto is "Think Beyond". That is certainly what Edifyschool aims to do. Their knowledgeable staff have incredible attention for the details that students need most. They don't want to have children sit in a classroom so they can get a fancy piece of paper. They want to give their students the opportunities to succeed in an incredibly difficult, ever-changing world.


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