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Educate Yourself

Updated on January 28, 2021

Knowledge is power

Is it better to know a little about a lot or a lot about little? I wonder and ponder this question often, for there is so much that I do not know, and what I do know merely applies to my own personal take on it. Statistics, ‘facts,’ information, ideas, interpretations, opinions, beliefs, and convictions, are all factors that affect, alter, and influence ones ‘knowledge’ or ‘wisdom,’ and ‘education.’ How I interpret or apply the information, data, I am learning about varies in accordance to my own feelings, ideas, and beliefs, which in turn, influences and alters the outcome of whatever it is I am learning, have learned, may learn, experience and or am experiencing. This makes what I have learned or may learn personal-sort of as if I am the Wikipedia of ‘knowledge’ and information. Not all the information, statistics, data, is factual, has been or can be substantiated, thus, not all information obtained will or should be considered credible. Therefore, you are or will be taking a risk when seeking answers and or information from me.

Knowledge and ‘wisdom’ are not always obtained via a ‘formal’ education or from books. Sometimes knowledge is and can be obtained through one’s own personal experiences-my father referred to this as the ‘school of hard knocks.’ However one seeks or obtains their education, should not negate, or diminish one’s level of intelligence. Like a thesaurus-there is any number of meanings and definitions to one word, which ‘word’ you choose to use is the only real question. Moreover, if you are not a book person, there are numerous words, which are used or made up, words we conjecture-slang words, words up for interpretation, or that cannot be found or defined in a dictionary or book.

Some may believe or think that someone is less 'educated' or 'knowledgeable' than those that have obtained or received a degree. However, a degree or diploma does necessarily always guarantee, mean, or assure that they know more about something, than someone that has lived it, or learned it, or is learning it, by living it, and not by reading it or about it. One must not underestimate the knowledge that can be obtained by anyone or anything or by any means, be it a ‘formal’ education or not.

I am always seeking to learn, grow, and teach, and that I never stop trying to learn about things, not just by books or through books, but from people, about people, their experiences, their ideas, beliefs, and thoughts. That I do not just accept what others say or do or think, or believe something or anything, just because someone told me about it, or wrote about it, or I read about it, or said it is my objective and my hope.

For whatever knowledge a person may have obtained or have learned or have been taught, be it by book or by life, is still their version, their feelings, their experiences, their convictions, their interpretations and or definitions-not mine and not yours. There are far too many variables to equate or compare one person’s intelligence and or knowledge to another’s, especially when you factor in or add in people’s ideas, feelings, beliefs, opinions, and convictions, while obtaining said ‘knowledge.’

How we obtain our knowledge and or wisdom and the sources from which we obtain that knowledge will, can, and should, be sought and obtained for ourselves and in a manner that is accordance to what is afforded or available to us. Not everyone is afforded the opportunity of a ‘higher’ education, at least not in a collegiate or scholarly manner; not everyone holds a degree or diploma for the knowledge or wisdom they possess or have obtained. Not everything of value or worth can or will be found in a book or in a classroom or laboratory. Knowledge, wisdom, and education can be found and obtained in many ways, in many forms, in many things, from many people. That we seek to grow, seek to find answers, seek to better ourselves, educate ourselves, and that we aspire to learn, and seek that which will enrich our lives and the lives of others, by whatever means , so long as it is sought by you is my hope. I know what I know, what I believe, what I think, how I feel, I have my opinions and ideas, that doesn’t mean I’m right. Doesn’t mean I’m wrong either.

I am always learning because I am always researching and ‘studying,’ I am eager and willing to learn. Therefore, while I may know some things, I don’t know many things, in fact, some might even say I know a lot about little, where others may say I know a little about a lot, either way, I don’t know everything, and in truth, most of the times I feel as though I don’t know anything. This only goes to prove why we must seek to find our own answers and why I will not ever stop trying to seek to educate myself. Knowledge is power…or so it’s been said.


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