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Education Can Help with Insanity

Updated on September 24, 2014

Education is self expressive and creates social competency.

Most people view education as a way to live better because one can get a good job, make more money and be happy. Education can do these things but more important education can improve one's mental state.

I did not realize the role education played in my mind until after I thought about the progress I had made mentally form depression to complete freedom mentally. I thought about several factors that had helped me get cure for my depression like praying, reading the bible, music, dressing nice and then while sitting in my classroom at Towson University, I realized that I was always happy every time I expressed my opinion in class or wrote a paper or even got a good grade on an opinion I had held highly.

Education is partially academic but education also includes life experience that leads to wisdom. I realized that the more education I received the happier I had become. I was becoming an individual, not a conformist. I could understand the bible better because I saw it from the point of view of an atheist but someone who was seeking God and it actually made sense.

Education has a self-expressive nature and nurture that slowly alleviated any mind constraints I might have had. I was becoming more articulate and expressive in speech and non-verbally.

Everyone might not attain education in a college or even high school setting, but everyone can be self- educated. Attend clubs and discussions that pertain to your interest. Write articles and submit it to companies such as hubpages. Read the bible and question it. Research and explore. Education is a breakthrough for me, I am on a journey to be as educated as possible because I want to know who I am and thus share it with the world.

Education heals
Education heals

Faith is a Measure of Education


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    • Idiyatu Akande profile image

      Esther Glory 3 years ago from Germantown, Maryland

      Thank you LailaK...I will be sharing more of my experiences. Yes, I do agree that summer school is fun, social and educational and these are some of the enemies of depression.

    • LailaK profile image

      LailaK 3 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      I really like how your hub is based on your personal experience and your battle with depression. I always find myself falling into a depression-like state when summer hits and school is out. That's why I take summer classes, to stay happy. Thanks for writing this I enjoyed reading it!