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Interview With Cagsil a.k.a. Ray Choiniere

Updated on February 4, 2021
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Rosemary is author of six books on mental health and inspirational poetry. She is a motivational speaker and a volunteer peer advocate.

Ray a.k.a. CAGSIL


If you've never met Ray (CAGSIL) in the forums or read his hubs on're missing out on some really good educational and common sense hubs!

What I've noticed the most about Ray is his wisdom, as well as his ability to describe in a simple way some profound topics on life and self-teaching, mainly about life philosophy and integrity. I've read many hubs of his which drew me in, as I'd never before learned of some of these things, like being a people watcher- which is very beneficial for safety and personal observation.

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Interview with Raymond Choiniere

Hi Ray :) I'm very glad you decided to join me in this interview and answer a few questions.

Here are the following seven questions I asked and his answers:

1)What is the most important message you want to get across in your hubs?

The most important message to convey from my writing is to open people up to the totality of responsibility life requires us to maintain while living.

2) What motivates you to write them?

I'm driven by the purpose I created for my life and it continues to push me to do better and more with my time while I live, so my life shows people the meaning it should show them.

3) What have been some of your favorite hobbies in the past, present and possibly the future?

My hobbies of the past have been biking, swimming, walking, card games,board games such as Chess and Cribbage. I continue to play Chess and Cribbagein present days and will continue to play them in the future as well. Eventually, Iwill pick my Pool stick up again to play in the future as well.

4) What was your favourite subject in school?

I didn't really have a favorite subject in schools. I preferred Math and Science, andcomputers(it was a class I had). The rest were there just to add to whatever I did like.

5) How do you feel about family and family values?

Family values? Family isn't what it seems like it should be or what it was like yearsago. However, I still think it is important for parents to be parents. They must teachtheir children discipline, character, respect and if necessary home-schooling if theyare the type of children who require that type of attention. When I was growing up, my father instilled in me things like integrity and my motherwanted nothing but the best for me. They both always let me learn by my mistakesinstead of giving me the answer, which is what led me to the path I took in life. There was no family. It wasn't about remaining as a whole family. My family wasalready broken due to previous actions of my parents and their parents. I nevermet any of my grand fathers on either side of my family because they were deadbefore I was born.

6) What do you think is the most pressing issue today in our world and why?

The most pressing issues that needs to be change with the world is self responsibility.It is the most important thing we can do for ourselves as individuals because it forcesone to realize that government and other leaders in the end have no power or authorityover others who choose to live a conscienteous life.

7) How would you describe yourself in a few sentences

I'm not much into describing myself in a few sentences. I wouldn't have a clue of whatwords to use. I usually leave that to other people to do and most often than know, ifthey don't know me on a personal level, then they are likely to get the wrong impressionor perception about me.

Thanks Ray, It was a pleasure to get to know you even a bit more.


This was a lot of fun!

Learning to Fly


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