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Education for Everyone? Think Again!

Updated on March 16, 2011

About the 'Education Hub Series'

I strongly feel the need that people must perform their responsibilities. So in the same process, I, as a writer, felt the need to write about ‘Education’ which is I believe, proofs to be the most fundamental pillar of any civilized society. In this article, I am continuing the series, and will put some light about some “Problems in getting education in the Third World Countries”.

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I am talking about almost HALF OF THE WORLD!
I am talking about almost HALF OF THE WORLD!

Education is considered as a basic right for everyone. Although, there are many places in the world, where children have been deprived from getting education OR children have been brain-washed (without having any bad intentions) in such a manner that they now possess a mentality, same as their ancestors, that education is not that necessary. More specifically, the third world OR the Third world countries that include some Asian and African countries, which have really lacked in educating people and their literacy rate of the Third World Countries is really suffering as compared to many of the European and American states.

The blame does not go, or rather MAY not go, on one specific factor. There are tons of things, lots of factors involved contributing in creating this vicious circle that does not seem to end so soon.

One thing that should be noted here, I am from Asia myself and belong to a Third World Country and I am not here, writing an article to emphasizing the difference between the two sides and many countries out there. I am here to make awareness in many people’s minds that there are many places in the world, other than your centrally air-conditioned skyscraper type office, that seriously need attention. This is a call to humanity, so before reading this article, I would request you all, to please keep your negative approach on the back side of your head and I hope you will act as ‘EDUCATED’ =)


So, what are the problems that people are facing in these Third World Countries? Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. A Hereditary Curse:

As I already mentioned the fact, that majority of the people is illiterate and possess a mentality and an approach that education is not that much necessary. When these people got generations under their family tree, they passed on the same mentality to their younger ones. Thus, the cycle goes on, and this vicious circle holds a real importance in the factors which are involved in the problems of getting education in these Third World Countries.

They cannot even imagine the kind of education and the facilities that many of you people enjoy daily.
They cannot even imagine the kind of education and the facilities that many of you people enjoy daily.

2. Lack of Resources:

Many of these Third World Countries do lack in resources. Rather I should say, these countries do lack in the ability of optimization of resources. There are not many schools and colleges or universities in these countries, at least not the quality one. The public schools here, are really not worthy of being admitted to.

Eyes filled with tears, and a hope for betterment.
Eyes filled with tears, and a hope for betterment.

3. Poverty:

Many people who live in the Third World, live below the poverty line. NO EDUCATION is been an important and contributing factor for ‘Poverty’. Lack of just rewards, education, administration problems, low-rewarding professions, under-developing economies and many other factors indirectly force the children to quit their education and help increasing the menace of 'CHILD LABOR'.

4. Lack of Educational Programmes:

The governments and administrations of many of the Third World Countries, which already suffer from the lack of revenues and developing businesses, do not pay much attention for educational and promotional programmes to lure more children into the educational circle. Lack of awareness towards education is also an important problem among many.

5. Educational Budget:

As you already know, that many of these governments are poor and their economics are still in the development phase. Many of them have been hit severely by the “Global Financial Crisis”. They do not allocate the desired budget for the educational sector. It’s a sad fact but cannot be over-looked.

I once hear an analyst talking in a TV-talk-show. He said that “If we accumulate the budget allocated to ALL THE PUBLIC (excluding the Private Sector) UNIVERSITIES/COLLEGES and SCHOOLS of Pakistan, that budget will be lesser than the budget allocated to the University of Singapore alone.”

I wrote this article, because I believe a writer is the most responsible person in the world by bringing the light to any issue that he could see. My appeal to all of the readers is not to look down on those countries, people or children. They all are the same as you. The need here is to be united and fight against these menaces by being united and together, regardless of the fact, in which part of the world the problem actually is.

It's high time to be United
It's high time to be United

Please do leave any comment you like, because it will help me to judge many opinions and the feedbacks will help me grow. Thank you.


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