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Educational Renewable Wind, Solar, Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells Science Fair Projects

Updated on April 12, 2015


Science fair projects have become one of the most important school projects for kids and educators. Not only do they provide educators with a skills application project from which they can gage a student’s academic progress, but they also provide kids with the opportunity to explore the process of scientific discovery. This experience can lead to the development of a strong interest in science and possibly even to a profitable career in the sciences.

Solar Lab

Learn how solar cells can be used in real electric circuits.
Learn how solar cells can be used in real electric circuits.

Raw Materials for Educational Science Fair Projects

Renewable energy solar science fair kits are a good place to start when you are trying to come up with an idea for renewable energy science fair projects. These kits provide quick guides to scientific experiments as well as provide you with the ingredients and instructions for completing a number of experiments. While these project kits are a lot of fun as well as educational, you cannot rely on them for a science fair entry. You can, on the other hand, utilize them for raw materials for your own project idea.

Wind Energy Project Issues

Wind energy is a very interesting topic and it is a form of renewable energy that is available to practically everyone on the planet. When you develop your wind energy science fair projects you will want to focus on a specific wind energy issue. Here are some examples:

1. Wind turbine design

2. Wind turbine efficiency

3. Wind energy storage

4. Wind energy problems

5. Wind energy advantages

After you select an issue to work with you can research that issue using your school library, or by searching through an online library. Some of the keywords that will be helpful in your search include:

1. Wind energy

2. Wind turbine

3. Renewable wind energy

4. Wind farms

PicoTurbine Windmill

Solar Energy Issues, Topics and Keywords

Solar energy is another practical source of renewable energy. However, it has the drawback of not being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In fact, the amount of solar energy that is available to use as a form of renewable energy will depend on where in the world you live. For example, if you live in the far North or the far South then your exposure to solar energy will vary dramatically depending on the time of year. In some cases you may not have access to solar energy for months.

To develop a good solar energy science fair project you will need to come up with a good topic or issue to explore. Here are a few to get you started:

1. Solar energy collection

2. Solar energy efficiency

3. Solar energy near the equator

4. Solar energy vs. nuclear energy

5. Pollution and solar energy production

6. Solar energy problems and limitations

When conducting research for your solar energy science fair projects you can use the following keywords:

1. Solar energy

2. Solar panel

3. Solar battery

4. Renewable solar energy

5. Solar energy efficiency

Hydrogen Energy Topics, Issues and Keywords

The latest form of clean energy to be targeted for development is hydrogen energy. Hydrogen energy is derived from separating out the hydrogen from water. This hydrogen can then be used as a clean burning fuel. The advantage of this fuel type is that the raw materials for the fuel are easy to come by and the process of converting water to hydrogen is also fairly simple, in fact you can do it safely in your garage. However, in order for hydrogen to replace fossil fuels the process will need to be improved. This is where you come in…

There are many issues and topics that you can use for your hydrogen project:

1. How to make hydrogen

2. Hydrogen fuel cells

3. How to retrofit a diesel engine to burn hydrogen instead of diesel

4. Safety concerns for hydrogen fuel

If you are having a hard time coming up with a good idea for your hydrogen project browse through science journals and newspapers for more ideas and leads using these keywords:

1. Hydrogen

2. Hydrogen cars

3. Hydrogen fuel cells

4. Making hydrogen


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