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Effects of Single Parenthood

Updated on October 25, 2016
Effects of single parenthood (illustration)
Effects of single parenthood (illustration) | Source

Single parenthood in this piece implies either a single mother or father that takes care of children. It is a situation whereby a father or a mother takes care of the children in the family without having a partner to help him or her. It does not involve the teamwork of fathers and mothers in training the children in families. Single parenthood has many adverse effects in the lives of both the children in a family and on the entire community where the children are born.

Some Philanthropists have pick it upon themselves to work for the good of the young people that are under the care of single parents because they understand the stress children of this category are passing through. These young people have shown their appreciation and the helping hands offered to them through many means.

The side effects of single parenthood affect the moral behaviours of youths and the children; single parenthood affects the educational level of children; single parenthood affects the security standard of a society; single parenthood affects the social behaviours of children; and it also affects the academic performance of people and so on.

Effects of Single Parenthood on Child's Academic performance

effects of single parenthood on child's academic performance
effects of single parenthood on child's academic performance | Source

The Effects of Single Parenthood on Child’s Academic Performance

Single parenthood affects the academic performance of children all over the world. A single parent finds it difficult to provide the necessary accessories that children need to perform well in their individual places of learning.

Take for instance that a woman who is single is to train her three children. Do you think she can sponsor the three children effectively when she does not have the resources to train the children? When the husband did not leave enough capital for her before his death, how do you think the children will be performing in terms of academics? They may resume school in an academic section and at the middle of the section sent home for their school fees. The mother struggles to provide the fees for the children while they stop attending school at that moment until the complete money is made. As the children were in their home waiting for the money, teachings were going on in their classes. The truth is that their academic performance will not be as good as that of the other students that were constantly attending classes. These countries that are being affected most by this challenge are where there is no free education for the children. They include Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Congo, Burkina Faso and other developing and undeveloped countries. Non-free education is one of the problems with the education sector of Africa.

A single parent does not have enough time to teach the children on what they were taught in the school. For the fact that she is alone, she does both the work of a mother and that of the father. By so doing, she will not have time to look into the academic area of the children and teach them more on what they supposed to know to add to what their teachers taught them in the school. On the other hand, if the single parent is a man, he will not have enough time to take care of the academic part of the children properly.

effects of single parenthood on child's social behavior
effects of single parenthood on child's social behavior | Source

The Effects of Single Parenthood on Child’s Social Behaviours

The social behaviour of single parented children varies to some extent. They most at times feel intimidated and dull during social gathering. Some of the children that gathered may be telling stories on how their fathers bought some items for them when they were coming back from work. For the child that has no father, he feels quiet and cooled as he does not have any father not to even think of being bought anything by the father.

When the children gather to play together as little ones which they are, those of them that have both fathers and mothers may start asking the fatherless about his or her father. At this point, the child will not know what he or she is to answer and start feeling cold. Some stubborn and tricky ones may insult the one being trained by a single mother or father. This tends to be a setback to the social association and behaviours. It also affects the psychological reasoning of children.

The Effects of Single Parenthood on Child’s Moral Status

The moral standard of most children trained by single parents varies. There is a saying that “a child trained by only a mother is likely to steal eggs being laid by a hen”. The belief that follows the adage is that mothers treat children with soft hands and because of this, the children spoil easily.

Truly, only a single parent cannot train a child to meet the basic and good moral standard required from children. In United States of America, there is high moral decline in the country. Among the causes of high moral decline in United States and other parts of the world is single parenthood. Divorce is the order of the day in United States and what do you think will be its effect on the moral status of the children?

The children after years grow into youths. These are the kind of youths that we see in the world of today. The poor moral practice of many youths has single parenthood as one of the causes. Moral youth empowerment which is a type of youth empowerment is lacking in many youths today because they lack the basics when they were children.

The Effects of Single Parenthood on Child’s Health

Many children have died and some are still dying even as you are reading this write-up all because of single parent. Single parenthood is one of the major causes of poor health standard among the young children all over the word. This is a big challenge that the young ones are facing. Where will some single parents get the money they will use to send their children to standard hospitals? Even if they are to borrow from relatives, for how long will they continue that?

Some children were sick and died in that sickness because the single parents did not have enough money to provide the necessary drugs for their survival. The women who are single are the one that suffer this the most. Being the weaker sex, they find it difficult to be called into jobs where they will be paid well to take care of themselves and the children they are catering for. Tragically, many single parented children have died pitiably as a result of single parenthood. Some doctors have worsened the case as they do not attend to sick people until they are paid some money.

The kind of feeding that incapable single parents give to their children is not the same with that that children that are born by two parents receive. The poor feeding affects the single parented children in a very big way. Most single parented children rarely eat balance diet on daily basis. It is either vitamin is lacked in their foods or protein. If the two are there, minerals will be lacking. Some single parented children have grown longer throat by visiting the houses of those who are trained by two parents because the foods served in such families are richer than what their single fathers or mothers feed them with.

The Effects of Single Parenthood and National Problems

The poor training that people receive from single parents is one of the contributors to national disorderliness. There is high crime rate in countries with single parents which includes corruption and armed robbery and all these point to single parenthood.

There are many armed robbers in the world of today. One of the reasons that pushed the armed robbers into the criminal act is because of the fact that they were trained by single parents. There moral standard is poor and this poverty in moral is likely to make people to see things that are abnormal as normal. Due to the poor moral they received from their single parents, they see armed robbery as a way of making money and not a very bad thing. Again, some young armed robbers find themselves in that “profession” because their single parents were unable to give them some necessary things they needed for success in life.

Single Parenthood and Prostitution

Prostitution is the engagement in sexual activity by either male or female gender to receive payment at the end of the activity. It is rampant in both developed and undeveloped parts of the world in the recent time. People are into human trafficking because they want to make money from the trafficked through the act of prostitution. Through this act, there is spread of diseases all over the globe.

Single parenthood has been one of the propelling forces to the practice of prostitution. Women whose husband died at the early stages of their marriages have featured and are still featuring into prostitution to make the money they need in the training of their children. In some cases, they contact diseases and die.

It does not end in the fact that single parent indulge in prostitution but the bad practice is being transferred to their children. The children learnt what their mother was doing and began to practice such when they grow up. The act continues in that trend and that is how they also train the children they will give birth to in prostitution. The fight against prostitution in some countries is ineffective as a result of single parents who work to make money through prostitution business.

Conclusion of the Topic

Single parented children face a lot of challenges in life because of the absent of the helper. The worst is when the single parent lacks materials through which she will use in maintaining and training of the children. Some children who are seen hawking on the streets are usually from single mother. Discussed in this write-up are the effects of single parenthood. This cuts across its effects on children, youths, and also on countries. The effects of single parenthood on child’s academic performance and level; effects on social behaviour; effects on child’s morals status and; effects on the child’s health standards were discussed. Also added are the effects of single parenthood on nations, and that on prostitution.


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    • Uzochukwu Mike profile image

      Uzochukw Mike 2 years ago from Oba

      Purple, it is really a big challenge in the society we live and hard to cope with. Thanks for the great comment.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      single parenthood is hard, lonesome but require lots on encouragement and confidence.